Grammar adds custom AI text to assist, not replace, authors

Grammarly, one of the biggest names in writing tools, is adding AI-generated text to its repertoire following ChatGPT’s wild popularity. Known as GrammarlyGO, this new tool focuses on improving writing rather than replacing the writer.

GrammarlyGO will be rolling out in beta form to existing users in April. All tiers including developer, corporate, educational and premium users have access. You can even use GrammarlyGO with a free account.

Many generative text options are available, with ChatGPT being the most well-known, so you might be wondering what makes GrammarlyGO different. The company told us that Grammarly’s 14-year heritage of AI enablement and responsible development sets it apart from the rest.

GrammarlyGO uses context awareness and personalization, taking into account your writing style and branding considerations for businesses. The purpose of writing and the format can also be specified.

The AI ​​suggests relevant prompts to kick-start the process. According to the company, the workflow stays fluid with GrammarlyGO and is available in the applications and websites you already use.

GrammarlyGO can create a custom draft, answer emails with one-click prompts, and rewrite a passage to change its tone or make it more professional. The ability to personalize the AI ​​is a key difference that could place the tool in the same tier of chatbots as Microsoft’s Bing Chat.

Grammarly is used by 50,000 teams and 30 million people every day. The company promises enterprise-grade security and privacy, as well as inclusive communications streamlined by a team of linguists. Nonetheless, Grammarly will certainly want to avoid some of the disruptive responses that Bing Chat has generated.

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GrammalyGO will launch in April in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Japan. The generative text feature is disabled by default but can be enabled in settings when available.

The company notes on its website that admins can disable GrammalyGO for their entire team if they don’t want it. GrammarlyGO will not be available to K-12 schools at launch.

As a beta start, don’t expect perfection. It’s always a good idea to read everything an AI writes carefully and check the facts. To prepare for GrammarlyGO’s beta launch, simply install the Grammarly extension for your browser or download the app to your computer or phone. Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android are supported.

The ongoing question is whether or not Grammarly uses ChatGPT. Grammarly has used AI to power its proofreading tool for years, but it’s unclear whether or not the company uses the GPT model that ChatGPT is built on.

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