Grammarly goes to ChatGPT with new feature to improve your writing

Grammar is one of our favorite writing tools and has a new feature that aligns with the ChatGPT AI tool.

ChatGPT’s ability to edit and generate text is great, but it’s a matter of going to the app and hoping it doesn’t get overwhelmed by users, and then copying and pasting something. It’s not a terrible experience, but it’s not the most streamlined either.

Now Grammarly may have a solution. In a press release (opens in new tab) today, Grammarly announced GrammarlyGO, a generative AI tool that will integrate with Grammarly’s existing products to add ChatGPT-like functionality to the popular writing tool.

The new AI tool will be launched via beta testing in April and will be available for Grammarly Free (in select markets), Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education (higher education) and Grammarly for Developers. It’s enabled by default if your account is eligible for GrammarlyGO, although you can disable it in settings if you wish.

GrammarlyGO: What can the AI ​​do?

(Image credit: Grammar)

GrammarlyGO is a generative AI, so at first glance it has many similarities with ChatGPT and Bing with ChatGPT. However, this tool is aimed specifically at writing assistance, while the other two are more general AI tools.

However, that’s not a bad thing. GrammarlyGO promises to compose text with just a quick prompt, reply to emails with just one click, and adjust writing to your desired tone. In a demonstration of the AI’s capabilities, she took an existing email and rewrote it in an inspirational tone, rather than the neutral tone the author originally used, with just one simple command.

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(Image credit: Grammar)

In short, if GrammarlyGO works the way it’s supposed to, it could streamline a lot of paperwork. Emails, project outlines, etc. all done with a few words or the click of a button.

But the real killer feature? Since it integrates directly with existing Grammarly products, it should be relatively efficient. With the Grammarly plugin installed on your devices, you can use ChatGPT-like typing capabilities in your existing software. Do you work in Gmail? GrammarlyGO will be available through the Chrome plugin. The same goes for writing in Google Docs, or really anywhere Grammarly is available. If generative AI can deliver on that promise, it will be a really useful AI tool.

Just make sure you check what it produces before hitting submit. AI tools make mistakes relatively often, so you should always edit any AI-created content, just as you would if you were producing the writing. This is one of several tips we recommend for using ChatGPT and other generative AI.

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