Greenlight Networks is investing $16 million to bring fiber optic internet to 12,000 homes in Clifton Park by 2024

CLIFTON PARK, NY – Greenlight Networks recently announced that it is continuing to expand its coveted fiber optic internet network throughout the city of Clifton Park, with gigabit internet service coming to nearly 12,000 homes by the end of 2024.

The company has committed to investing more than $16 million in infrastructure development within the city, with plans to create local jobs while working for local contractors.

Following the announcement of the first expansion in Clifton Park, the network of Greenlight homes is available in the Azalea and El Dorado neighborhoods. Further construction in these neighborhoods is expected to be completed by early 2023, expanding the network to nearly 2,000 additional homes. Greenlight will then begin construction in the Summerlin, Roosevelt, and Bruno neighborhoods, as well as several smaller neighborhoods, to connect nearly 10,000 more homes in 2024. Residents of these areas are encouraged to place pre-orders.

“Working with the City of Clifton Park over the past year has been very productive. We have built a great partnership, not only from a respectful point of view, but also from a communication perspective. Together we are working to bring more Clifton Park residents access to our high-speed fiber optic Internet services,” said Mark Murphy, President and CEO of Greenlight. “Connecting residents to multi-gigabit fiber optic internet will be a game changer for individuals and families looking for alternative options for reliable and affordable internet service. We are delighted to welcome new customers and look forward to expanding our presence here in Clifton Park.”

“The expansion of Greenlight Networks will give more Clifton Park residents another option for the high-speed internet services that residents need to conduct business, educate children and stream the content they want. This is good news for consumers in Clifton Park,” said State Senator Jim Tedisco.

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“The partnership between Greenlight Networks and the City of Clifton Park is a major step forward in bringing high-speed internet to residents,” said Assemblyman Mary Beth Walsh. “Clifton Park continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the area, and whether you’re a lifelong resident or a new homeowner in the area, we know now more than ever that access to affordable and reliable internet is essential is.”

“We welcomed Greenlight to Clifton Park last year as the company unveiled plans to expand its service to the capital area,” said Phil Barrett, Clifton Park Town Supervisor, “Greenlight is making a significant investment in Clifton Park as the company launches a new Fiber optic network installed that will be available to thousands of homes. The investment brings more value to Clifton Park and another option for people who use this service in their homes on a daily basis.”

Residents of the City of Clifton Park will see Greenlight Networks trucks, as well as those of its subcontractors, as construction activity expands throughout the community. Greenlight has partnered with the Vischer Ferry Fire Service to host their network equipment in exchange for free high-speed fiber optic broadband service at the fire service.

Greenlight’s fiber optic network will deliver data speeds of up to 2Gbps upload and download with a baseline speed of 500Mbps upload and download for $50 per month. Greenlight’s internet service is five times faster and 25 percent cheaper than the incumbent cable provider, with no contracts, taxes or hidden fees. Fiber optic internet offers the best possible online experience for gaming or streaming videos in high quality and supports simultaneous high-speed connections across multiple devices.

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Clifton Park residents can visit Greenlight’s Capital Region Neighborhood Status Page to learn more about Greenlight’s progress in their neighborhood and to register to express interest and receive construction updates. Once construction is complete, customers who have received pre-ordered services will be notified to schedule an on-site installation by a Greenlight Networks fiber optic technician.