Group Lodges sue lawyer over naming dogs ‘Datuk Seri’ and ‘Datuk Wira’

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People usually comment when someone’s child gets a name that’s thought to be more appropriate for pets.

However, some people were similarly excited when pets were named after a person’s honorific title.

A group of 15 men filed a complaint on Facebook yesterday (February 13) against an alleged lawyer named William HS Foo for naming his dogs Datuk Seri, Datuk Seri Paduka and Datuk Wira, Berita Harian reported.

William is believed to have uploaded pictures of his dogs and mentioned the dogs’ names on Facebook in October and December last year.

There was also another picture of his dog wearing a headscarf, reportedly with the caption: “My little Malay sibling wears the Tudung at home.”

The group filed a complaint against the lawyer. Image: Voice Johor

The group’s representative, Muhammad Kamil Abdul Razak, 26, from Sungai Tiram, claimed the man’s act was out of malice.

They also felt that naming the dogs with honorary titles was an insult to the royal institution, which bestowed those titles on select individuals.

What is the lawyer’s real motive until he disregards the royal institution and the sensibilities of Muslims? Or is it because someone is protecting the lawyer? [behind the scenes]?

Group representative Muhammad Kamil Abdul Razak

Muhammad Haikal Mohd Dzul, 26, from Kebun Teh, urged the authorities to take immediate action. He said the lawyer needed no apologies as his actions were very rude and could create racial tension.

Another member of the group, Mohd Fauzan Azman, 35, from Taman Setia Indah, said the community should not act recklessly and insult a title bestowed by the palace.

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Instead, he said everyone must work together to protect the country’s sovereignty, constitution and laws.

Johor Bahru Selatan Deputy Police Chief Raub Selamat confirmed receipt of the group’s report and said an investigation was being carried out.

Earlier this month, Malay Mail reported that an NGO, Putra Malaysia, submitted a report on the same issue earlier this month.

The titles he bestowed on his dogs are noble titles conferred by the palace. We respect his career as a lawyer who should know the laws of this country better, but we are unhappy with his actions.

Putra Malaysia spokesman Mohd Izzani Mubarak Ibrahim

Dang Wangi Police Chief, ACP Noor Dellhan Yahaya confirmed receipt of the report and said the case would be referred to the Bukit Aman Classified Crime Investigation Unit.

At the time of writing, the alleged posts on William’s site appear to have been removed.

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