GTA 6 Must Destroy GTA Online (& Start Again)

While speculation is rife grand theft auto 6 after a high-profile leak of GTA6 Videos, the exact nature of Rockstars follow-up Grand Theft Auto Online GTA5‘s extremely successful online component – is not entirely clear. While some fans are excited to continue their adventures, others are hoping Rockstar can bring back the fondly remembered beginnings of GTA Online by resetting player progress and re-evaluating game balance. in the past few years, On-line has been criticized for its overpowered gadgets, complex management systems, and a general staleness in gameplay, which is natural given that Rockstar updates the game less frequently now that it’s full steam ahead GTA6.


In its flow sometimes strange condition, Grand Theft Auto Online continues to be one of the most popular and well-known online multiplayer games in the world. Regularly in the top 10 most watched games on Twitch and probably still generating an incredible amount of revenue every day, it might seem unwise to discard so much player progress when the next installment arrives. However, both hardcore and casual fans GTA Online have reason to look forward to a fresh start.

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The player recently ventured to the officials GTA Online subreddit to find out what fans are looking for in the highly anticipated follow-up, and the consensus was that a clean slate could have a positive effect, all things considered. Most seem to agree that the accumulated GTA$ players will not carry over into the game GTA6given the popularity and profitability of GTA Online‘s Shark Card Economy. Even so, many seemed more excited about the prospect GTA Online Getting back to basics, with some Reddit users noting that a reset without some of the game’s more powerful vehicles would be a welcome change.

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GTA 6’s online offering has to please both old and new players

The main problem Rockstar faces when starting over GTA6 is the fact that a player’s GTA$ – GTA OnlineThe in-game currency of and, more importantly, the microtransaction currency – would probably not be transferred. This would effectively render all real-world money that players have invested in the game null and void, potentially incurring the wrath of some fans. By resetting each player’s relative proficiency level and removing some of the more controversial weapons and vehicles (e.g. Griefer’s choice, GTA Online‘s Oppressor Mk2), GTA6 would be much friendlier to new players, especially those who have never played one GTA game before.

Speaking of new players, starting with a blank slate would hopefully ease some of the more complicated elements that have been added GTA Online over the years. Becoming a corporate CEO, a biker gang MC, a nightclub promoter, a demolition derby driver, and a satellite owner all rolled into one sounds like great fun, until the player is forced to agonize through delivery missions just for the sake of it make enough money to cut it with the high rollers. When Rockstar builds GTA6 From the ground up, they could incorporate many of these elements while making them a lot handier and more fun.

Because video game developers often face microtransaction setbacks, Rockstar should not make the decision to effectively cancel the transaction GTAO Community microtransactions easily when approaching GTA6. On the other hand, since the game has been continuously active for nearly a decade, it’s a much less egregious breach of consumer trust compared to games like EA’s FIFA Series deleting in-game purchases with each annual entry. Back to a simpler economy and player meta Grand theft auto 6The multiplayer component of could bring some life back into the game for those who are bored GTA Online‘s gameplay.

Source: TheGamer