Guide on how to hide the front camera of your Android phone without application

All smartphones have two types of cameras: the main camera, which is located on the back of the device, and the front camera, also called “selfie”, which is located at the top of the screen. This problem is that in mobile devices with Android operating system they are set in the form of a black dot, which most users find unattractive. Do you want to hide the front camera? Magr will explain this below.

This area where they placed the camera is the “notch,” a module typically found at the top of Android phones’ touchscreens. As we get into the details of the aesthetic, you’ll wonder, “Why add it when it looks bad?” Because over time, phone makers have eliminated any body on the screen to give the impression that there’s nothing on it. So they persevered, adding notes and digging in front of the camera.

Remember that the “notch” is a physical element that cannot be removed, but there are some techniques to hide it without having to use third-party applications. Here we leave you the steps on how to hide the front camera. The processor is only compatible with Xiaomi and Huawei branded phones.

How to hide the front camera on your Xiaomi phone? First enter the “Options” of your mobile Xiaomi, place it with the gear or gear icon. Now, using the “Magnifier” tool in the top right corner, write the following in the question bar: “Status Bar”. Click on the first option that appears. Scroll down until you get to the section that says Hide Notch. Finally, select the option “Away without moving status bar”. or car camera on the smartphone or the front is camouflaged. How to hide the front camera of your Huawei phone It is important to mention that Huawei does not have MIUI or Android operating system, but the process is very similar. Enter “options”. .Click on the “Screen and Brightness” section. Then tap the More Display Settings > Sharing option. Finally, select “Hide SCRATCHES”. Is it possible to unlock your phone with a photo of your face? Face recognition is a security tool that only some mid-range and high-end smartphones have, it works like a 3D face scanner. Without delay, the person can unlock your phone with a photo of your face. According to information from the technology portal Movilzone, it was discovered that in 2019 the Dutch organization “Consumentenbon” conducted a test or experiment, which consisted in opening a 110 cell phones of the brands Lenovo, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel, Samsung, Apple and others based on a typed photo. High Quality As a result, a total of 42 devices were unlocked by the whole group. It is important to note that some of Samsung’s flagship phones and their Galaxy range have been tested, on the contrary even Apple’s iPhones. Do you dare to open your face in your cell?