Gundam Evolution guide – 5 mobile suits for beginners

Gundam Evolution may be a new game, but it’s a formula that players are no doubt familiar with. Gundam Evolution is a team-based hero shooter and features many popular mobile suits throughout the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. However, one of the biggest challenges for new players has to be: “Where do I start?”

Difficulty rating aside, many of these mobile suits are great for players in Gundam Evolution. This list focuses on mobile suits that players have access to at launch, so none of the first paid mobile suits will be a part of it.

However, it’s worth noting that Gundam Exia would have supplanted Gundam Barbatos when it comes to mobile melee suits. This is thanks to its mobility and a solid ranged attack that Barbatos lacks on both fronts.

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Which Gundam Evolution mobile suits are great for beginners?

1) Pale Rider

Pale Rider is certainly not a controversial choice, but it is one of the most straightforward, easiest-to-play mobile suits. He’s Soldier 76, he’s Viktor, he’s the CoD character. Pale Rider has a healing pod, grenades to throw, and a machine gun to aim at. Not all mobile suits in this game can also aim.

He has a solid health pool (1000) and aids his allies with the AOE Heal Pod. His G-maneuver, HADES system, isn’t complex either. It’s a buff to its damage and reload speed, but has a bit of an upside. Make sure you only activate it when you are safe and not going to die.

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It’s easy to play, satisfying to get kills with, and an excellent choice for new players to Gundam Evolution.

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2) GM Sniper II

Many shooter fans love sniping. It feels incredible to target a player with an expert shot and hit in one shot. With that in mind, say hello to Gundam Evolution’s GM Sniper II! With the exception of Sazabi, a headshot from GM Sniper II will disable every Mobile Suit in the game (0 PS). Set up a shop near any objective you’re defending and drop mobile suits with ease.

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It’s obviously a much more difficult mobile suit when on the run or playing on offense, but a skilled sniper will pull it off. On defense, however, Gundam Evolution doesn’t need an ally more than a GM sniper with line of sight to the other team.

3) GR

GM, like GM Sniper II, is one of the most mass-produced mobile suits used in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. Although it seems generic and simple, it’s a solid tank. It has 800 HP, a 1300 shield and repair grenades to throw at allies. Despite being a mobile close-range suit, being able to shoot through your shield is worth it.

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The cannon has serious drop off so try to get close when fighting in the GM. Incendiary mines are also an excellent weapon for enemies hiding around corners or shielding themselves. Still, it’s a solid mobile suit for beginners with an easy-to-grab kit that can deal significant damage while also helping allies.

4) Sazabi

Although Sazabi is rated as a bit difficult, without a doubt it is excellent for players who try and learn to master it. A mobile melee suit with incredibly high HP and a solid shield that also makes up for its lack of mobility and speed with the Beam Tomahawk.

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After throwing it, you can use its Homing Boost to run towards what the Tomahawk hit. You can even do it while it’s still airborne to get places you normally can’t reach as a slow, immobile tank.

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It has a close range shotgun and the Fin Funnels G maneuver that can butcher an entire team in the right situation. He can easily flank and melt people with his Beam Rifle. He can easily lead teams to victory in Gundam Evolution with plenty of health and a melee weapon. While it takes practice, Sazabi is worth mastering. If you can get Methuss to travel with you, defeating Sazabi will be much more difficult.

5) Barbatos

Not every Gundam Evolution player will want to use a lot of ranged combat. Some will want to end fights much faster, and that’s where Barbatos comes in. Although it’s a somewhat complex mobile suit that takes some getting used to, Barbatos is something new players should experience.

Not all “beginner” suits need to be easy to play. This will teach players why Barbatos is so ferocious and powerful. It can easily two-shot any mobile suit in the game.

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Barbatos doesn’t have ranged attacks, so it’s all about getting up close and personal with his leap, or attacking from behind and completely ripping an opponent apart with his massive mace. If it attacks and kills a unit, it also cannot be repaired. It goes straight into the “destroyed” state in Gundam Evolution.

Gundam Evolution has 15 mobile suits to launch with lots of great choices for players. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of what players should try, it’s a nice variety of playstyles and worth learning for new players and shooter fans alike.

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