Gymnast Elena Arenas, whose pictures on social media ‘should be illegal’, copies Olivia Dunne with stunning hotel snaps

LSU star Elena Arenas comes after Olivia Dunne’s crown.

The 20-year-old gymnast has been dubbed the “Queen of the Beam” by her devoted fan base.


Elena Arenas is a gymnast for LSU TigersPhoto credit: Instagram @elena_arenas01
Born in Georgia, he has a growing following on social media


Born in Georgia, he has a growing following on social mediaPhoto credit: Instagram @elena_arenas01
A fan recently called for taking their snapshots "Illegally made"


A fan recently called for her snaps to be “taken illegally.”Photo credit: Instagram @elena_arenas01
Her last shoot was compared to that of her friend Olivia Dunne


Her last shoot was compared to that of her friend Olivia DunnePhoto credit: Instagram @livvydunne

Arenas is on the same college gymnastics team as influencer and internet sensation Dunne.

The two are good friends and regularly update their followers with snaps from their personal lives and LSU competitions.

Dunne became a millionaire at just 18 after taking advantage of relaxed college NIL rules.

College stars can now benefit from her image rights, giving Livvy an estimated net worth of $2.3 million.

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Dunne and Arenas share an adorable 'love love' snap ahead of the national TV showdown

She has a fanatical social media fan base of around 8million – but Elena isn’t far behind.

Arenas has 210,000 followers on her TikTok page, while her Instagram recently surpassed 100,000.

And to further demonstrate the friendly rivalry between the two teammates, Elena’s recent pictures might look very familiar.

She uploaded a new series of snaps on Jan. 15 showing her posing in an LSU uniform in a hotel room.

The set immediately reminded fans of a recent shoot of Dunne, who was accused of trying to “seduce” her with similar shots next to a hotel bed.

Elena captioned the pics: “All heart”

Fans flocked to the comments section to swoon over the Georgia native, with one fan previously suggesting her snaps “should be illegal” as she was too “gorgeous”.

One replied: “You will always be number 1.”

While another said: “This is our beam queen.”

And a third controversially added: “Better than Livvy.”

It’s been a rough start to the year for the LSU Tigers, with Dunne in the spotlight for unsavory scenes during their season opener in Utah.

Fans chanting Dunne’s name disrupted the gathering throughout the event, with LSU now going so far as to provide additional reassurance for their gymnasts.

Olivia issued a statement to fans thanking them for their support – but asking them to behave.

It read: “I will always appreciate and love the support from you guys.

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“But if you come to a meeting I would ask that you be respectful of the other gymnasts and the gymnastics community as we are just doing our jobs.”

The LSU Tigers gymnastics team takes on No. 1 Oklahoma Monday afternoon.

Arenas recently passed 100,000 followers on Instagram


Arenas recently passed 100,000 followers on InstagramPhoto credit: Instagram @elena_arenas01
She and Dunne compete on the same team


She and Dunne compete on the same teamPhoto credit: Instagram @elena_arenas01
The couple have described themselves as "inseparable"


The couple describes themselves as ‘inseparable’Photo credit: Instagram @elena_arenas01