Hand tools: why electric always wins

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Remember the bad old days before electric handheld garden tools? I definitely do, because everything gardening has been a mammoth task. I’m not talking about push mowers, which luckily have been superseded by the best cordless mower models and the like.

No, the really tedious jobs were things like cutting back bushes or trimming grass edges. Everything had to be done manually, and it was tedious and time-consuming. However, times have changed and manufacturers of garden tools now offer the garden enthusiast a wide range of options.

Take a look at the following models that I use and maybe you too will find new enthusiasm for the design of your green spaces…

1. Lawn edger

Trimming the edges of my lawn has always been one of the worst garden jobs I can imagine. However, I now have an electric lawn edger and in the case of the Black and Decker LE750 it is one of the best out there. Tidying up edges is a breeze with these little beauties, and this model is even more impressive as it can also cut ditches. Granted it’s a corded model, but if your yard isn’t as big – like mine – it’s perfect for the job.

2. Leaf blower

I have to admit that until I tried one I was looking at people with leaf blowers and laughing. Having purchased a Bosch ALS 2500 model, which is a wired model, although wireless devices are also available, I have to say I am a true convert. This is a lightweight device that feels well balanced and gets into corners with ease thanks to its nicely shaped nozzle. The performance feels spot on too, letting you keep those pesky leaves and other garden debris under control and not messing things up.

3. Hedge trimmer

The same goes for my Bosch EasyHedge Cut 12.35, which I use very regularly to trim the foliage on the side of my garage. Again, if you choose the right equipment, you want a machine that will get the job done easily and doesn’t feel like it’s carrying a ton of weight for long periods of time. I’m also surprised at how well the cutting blade has held up in the time I’ve owned this machine, although I do make a point of cleaning the unit (unplugged) and applying a little light oil to the cutting surfaces to stop them from turning don’t get excited. So far, so good.

4. Pruner

A good cordless pruner can also be a real asset to your garden. These are long-handled knives that can be used a bit like a lawn trimmer, but pointing up instead of down. The advantage is that you can get to higher bushes and trees without having to stand unsteadily on a stepladder or chair. Of course they have their limits. So if you have something clunky to deal with, you might be better off hiring an arborist. Still, something like the Spear & Jackson 20cm Cordless Pole Pruner has proven perfect for my needs. Even better, since there is no cord, it offers complete freedom of movement.

5. Secateurs

Switching to electric tools is another thing that has made the device with electric pruning shears a thing of joy. Pruning can be tedious and quite taxing on your hands and fingers, especially if you have arthritis. So why not let an electric handheld garden tool take over the strain? I chose the Ligo electric secateurs, a model that suits me down to the last detail. It’s powerful, efficient, and seems to pervade almost everything these days. I’m sure the blades will eventually dull, but for a relatively affordable garden tool it’s a wise investment.

Add up everything

I’ve definitely been more productive in the garden since investing in these handheld power tools. Even if you add up the total costs, the effort is actually not that high. Besides, time is money and if you’re looking to shave a few hours off your weekly garden maintenance schedule, some or even all of these great gardening tools are for you.