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HARMAN ReadyCare 2022

A new artificial intelligent system in the car was presented by HARMAN International this week in the form of their new Ready care System. Can detect driver behavior and help you drive smarter by leveraging context and intervening where necessary to create a safer environment for drivers. Ready Care is a set of automotive solutions, including cognitive distraction, stress-free routing and personalized comfort, that can be combined or used independently as needed to reduce driver stress and improve road safety, according to HARMAN.

HARMAN developed Ready Care to measure both eye activity and driver mental status using an active illumination infrared global shutter camera that monitors a driver’s face in low and bright light environments. Using facial expressions, gaze direction, eyelid openings and more, the system creates a catalog of real-time data that allows the driver to be alerted should certain circumstances arise. Compatible with a range of navigation modules, the system can provide hassle-free routing thanks to its ability to detect stressors such as traffic jams and congestion in real time and respond accordingly.

HARMAN ReadyCare

“Safety continues to be a top concern for consumers when considering a new vehicle purchase, and now with Ready Care, OEMs can improve vehicle safety in a significant new way,” said Armin Prommersberger, senior vice president, automotive product management at HARMAN International. “Ready Care is essentially a co-pilot, recognizing when distractions could become dangerous situations and stepping in to avoid them. For the first time, the vehicle can, in a sense, know what the driver is thinking; This is a game changer. We are incredibly proud and excited about the impact Ready Care will have on drivers, passengers and all road users.”

HARMAN ReadyCare

“Because all journeys and drivers are unique, Ready Care uses advanced machine learning technology to provide personalized intervention strategies tailored to the individual and their driving experience. Ready Care provides closed-loop interventions via an SDK that allows OEMs and third parties to integrate any vehicle feature or function—such as HVAC controls, media content and volume, or seat sensors—into the Ready Care solution. An example could be the advanced technologies of Gentherm, the world leader in innovative thermal management and pneumatic comfort technologies for the automotive industry.”

Source: HARMAN

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