‘Have a Pissful Flight’: Social media users shoot Air India over urination incident: The Tribune India


New Delhi, January 6th

The adage “One man’s tragedy is another’s comedy” was true of the incident when a male airman urinated on a fellow passenger during an Air India flight.

While the entire incident could only have been traumatic for the elderly woman, social media users were having a great day.

“Have a pissful” flight, “Air Pisstara”, suggestions for Air India’s next campaign and new names and more, the jokes and comments flew across the social media platforms, ranging from text to visual memes to creative ones cartoons

In the shocking incident, a drunk man allegedly urinated on his fellow passenger, an elderly woman in her 70s, in business class on an Air India New York-Delhi flight on November 26 last year.

While the incident was condemned by all quarters, some on Twitter found joy in it.

One user, @RoflGandhi_, tweeted: “Tata Group plans to operate a separate airline for drunk passengers. It would be called Air Pisstara.”

Another user, @danishkh4n, suggested that the company’s next marketing campaign will be “peshab karna sakht mana hai” (urination is strictly forbidden).

Comedian Atul Khatri suggested providing raincoats to passengers on Air India flights.

“Instead of giving pajama suits to its business class flyers, Air India should offer raincoats,” he said.

In the FIR filed by Delhi Police, the victim was quoted as saying after her “clothes, shoes and bag were soaked in urine…the flight crew refused to touch them, sprayed my bag and shoes with disinfectant and brought me to me.” in the bathroom and gave me airline pajamas and socks.”

A Twitter user posted a picture of some people wearing PPE coveralls and said: “I’m taking friends on my #airindia flight for a holiday and I make sure they have extra piss proof sheets. Wish me good luck.”

People were also quick to recall an incident involving stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra, who was banned from a number of airlines after allegedly harassing TV news anchor Arnab Goswami on a flight.

“For mocking Arnab Goswami on an Indigo flight, @kunalkamra88 got a 6 month flight ban. And because he peed on a lady on an Air India plane, the pisser gets a 30-day ban. If only Kunal Kamra had known that, he would have done the same and gotten away with fewer days ban,” wrote a user named Harmeet Kaur.

Air India has suspended the accused for 30 days and instructed its employees to report any inappropriate behavior on planes to the authorities at the earliest, even if the matter appears to have been resolved.

The memes and jokes also found their way into messaging apps.

A cartoon circulating on WhatsApp showed a stewardess making a public announcement that read: “In the event of a surge in bladder pressure, adult diapers will be inserted from the compartments above you.”

A joke about the difference between Air India before and after privatization was read while being “upset in the old one” and upset in the “new” one.

Air India’s mascot, Maharajah, was not spared either. One meme featuring the elegant Maharaja was “Have a Pissful Flight,” a pun on the word peaceful.

The Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) has requested a report on the incident from Air India, which it has not reported to the regulator.

The airline has not taken criminal action against the accused after he issued a written apology, officials said.