‘He looks like a background actor getting ready for a kickboxing movie’: Andrew Tate is trolled when a forgotten training clip destroys the internet during confinement

Andrew Tate, who rose to global fame as a misogynist influencer, has been behind bars since being arrested by Romanian authorities on human trafficking, rape and organized syndicate charges. First, the 36-year-old was put on trial for 30 days and later the Romanian judiciary extended the detention period to complete their investigation.

Before he went to prison, the man caused a sensation on the internet. Showboating was his trump card to attract young and impressive fans. Aside from his multi-million dollar fortune, which he is said to have acquired through various unscrupulous means, the influencer has been expanding his reach among youth through Youtube. Although his school of thought is toxic, younger audiences are very receptive to his controversial attitudes.

Before he became a social media influencer and a business mogul, the man was a fighter. He is a four-time world champion in kickboxing. His record states that his entire kickboxing career has spanned over a decade. He competed in 85 fights and has a phenomenal record of 76-9 before retiring in 2016.


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Interestingly, the self-proclaimed “Top G” has uploaded several videos of him hitting the mittens. One of the uploaded videos of his workout surfaced the internet and caught the attention of fans.

An account named Davy shared this video and wrote, “Rate Andrew Tate’s block work.”

When fans came across it, they mocked Tate because the latter wasn’t good looking. According to a certain group of boxing fans, he punched the mittens like he was an amateur fighter.

How did fans react to Andrew hitting Tate with gloves?

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One fan wrote, “He looks like a supporting actor getting ready for a kickboxing movie.”

Another fighter wrote that for a while he thought that man was Alex Periera, the reigning middleweight champion.

Here are some other reactions.


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Most fans on Twitter don’t feel that Tate has what it takes to compete professionally in boxing. It could possibly be because he lost his reflexes after being out of the sport for many years.

Well, if he got involved in a boxing match with relatively young influencer boxers like Jake Paul or KSI? Who do you think will win?


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