help teachers teach

Since the dawn of Western culture, education has been viewed as a form of employment. For the student, it requires longing, a desire not just to know things, but to understand them and understand their nature (understanding is, after all, transferrable – mere knowledge is not). Of course, education requires that the student have a teacher, a caring person to support them along the way, someone who creates a space where students can use their innate abilities to learn, grow, and ultimately succeed .

Look around the Houston area and you’ll find that there are many eager students who are eager to begin their journey, but not enough teachers.

It is precisely this gap that UHD wants to close with the Pathways to Teaching in Critical Areas of Need (PTCAN) program. Recently receiving a $2,588,121 Title 5 grant over five years, UHD can continue to train educators in important and underserved areas in the greater Houston area and continue to improve the Houston workforce and economy for generations to come .

To ensure student success, PTCAN will increase graduation and retention rates by addressing the holistic needs of students during their enrollment at UHD. The program will continue to serve the Houston community by providing highly qualified (and certified) teachers who reflect student demographics. The project was led by Dr. Elizabeth Stackhouse, Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education, Department of Urban Education, and Dr. Ron Beebe, Professor and Chair of Urban Education, Department of Urban Education.

President Blanchard praised the program and the work it will do, saying that PTCAN “will continue to advance our goals of student success by meeting their basic needs and removing barriers that stand between them and graduation.” This grant also strengthens UHD’s position as an anchor institution for Houston as it enables us and our students to serve the community and state in critical areas of need.”

Specifically, this scholarship will support aspiring teachers through individual tutoring services, emotional wellbeing resources, and financial assistance with basic needs such as housing, food, and transportation. When these needs are met, UHD students can focus on the important work ahead: helping Houston youth on their journey to understanding, success, and self-actualization.

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