Henry Cavill grows his claws and stuns the internet to become Hugh Jackman’s successor as Wolverine in New Epic Image

Hollywood star Henry Cavill may have lost his role as Superman in the DCU, but he undoubtedly set high standards for the next actor to take on the role of the Kryptonian superhero. The same goes for his performance as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series The Witcher. Despite parting ways with some of the best work of his career, Cavill still has some high-profile projects ahead of him as he’s been a fan favorite to play the next James Bond in the spy action-thriller franchise. He has also announced a live-action Warhammer 40,000 series along with James Bond.

Henry Cavill

Like the Man of Steel star, Hugh Jackman has become a fan-favorite actor for portraying the X-Men character Wolverine. It’s hard for fans to imagine someone else taking on the role of Jackman. He will reprise his role in the upcoming Deadpool Threequel. But before his comeback, new fan art caused a stir among fans, showing the Tudors star as Wolverine.

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Henry Cavill goes viral in Wolverine fan art

After a rough few months for Henry Cavill fans, the actor announced he will be working with Amazon on a Warhammer 40,000 series. With his official departure from the DCEU, fans also began to wonder if they would see him again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

While there’s no confirmation yet, there are a number of characters that fans have in mind for the Superman actor. And among those characters is Logan, also known as Wolverine. Hugh Jackman will make his MCU debut in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3.

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However, it’s unclear if he would continue to portray the character in the MCU or if his intent to portray the character would be limited to just the Deadpool Threequel. Many believe the X-Men star would embody a variant of Wolverine and the studio would most likely recast the character for future MCU projects.

Fanart also went viral on Instagram showing the Justice League star as Wolverine. ApexForm’s artwork gives a glimpse of what Cavill’s Wolverine would look like. The fan art highlights the titular hero’s iconic claws and a wound revealing the metal beneath his flesh.

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Henry Cavill has a Marvel superhero in mind

While his fans have a long list of Marvel characters that Henry Cavill could play in the MCU, The Witcher actor also has a character he wants to play. During an interview, he said he had no interest in playing a character that was “already being played by someone else” as they do a great job with their characters.

Henry Cavill reimagined as Captain Britain

However, he has a character in mind that he would like to play. He said, “I’ve seen the various rumors about Captain Britain and it would be a lot of fun to do a cool modernized version of that.” He shared that the character could be modernized similar to Captain America. And he would love to portray the superhero as he loves “being British”.

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First featured in Captain Britain Weekly #1 in 1976, Captain Britain represents the United Kingdom just as Captain America does for the United States. He receives his powers from the wizard Merlyn and has made multiple appearances in comics, video games, and Marvel animated shows. However, the character has yet to appear in the MCU.

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