Here’s how Galaxy S23 Ultra stacks up against Pixel 7 Pro in early camera test

A few weeks ago we saw the first camera sample of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra. It indicated huge improvements in picture quality over current Galaxy flagships. The same source, Ice Universe, has now shared another camera sample of the phone, comparing it to the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro in an early camera test. And the results confirm what we’ve been hearing all along about Samsung’s next-gen flagship.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to bring one of the biggest camera upgrades to Samsung’s flagship lineup in recent years. The phone will come with the company’s unannounced third-generation 200-megapixel camera for the primary rear gunner. While the rest of the cameras won’t see a resolution boost, the Korean firm can still outfit the phone with upgraded sensors. More importantly, Samsung had a year to improve its camera software and algorithms for better post-processing of photos. The improvements are visible in the latest camera sample.

This early camera test between the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro uses a pumpkin as subject (above). While the two Samsung devices produce identical color saturation with high contrast, the picture from Google’s latest flagship looks a bit bland. How you like colors in pictures is of course subjective. Some of you might prefer Pixel’s output over Galaxy’s. However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra blows the other two devices out in terms of detail. The ridges on the pumpkin surface were better preserved when zoomed in. Also, the imperfections were captured more cleanly.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra already leaves the competition behind in early camera tests

Before revealing which picture was taken by which phone, Ice Universe asked its followers on Weibo to vote for the picture they liked better. Unsurprisingly, people preferred the Galaxy S23 Ultra over the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro. As this is an unreleased phone, the camera software and algorithms are unlikely to be the final versions. That means there is still room for improvement here. By the time the phone hits stores next year, Samsung may have further refined its camera performance.

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In short, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could be the smartphone camera to beat in 2023. Samsung is reportedly planning to launch the phone in early February next year. Until then, we expect more leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy flagship. We will keep you informed.