Here’s what you might have missed on social media this week

Welcome back friends! I almost couldn’t run this feature due to the overwhelming amount of Pedro Pascal TikTok edits that have been dominating my life lately. If you haven’t seen them yet, please do yourself a favor and check them out. I haven’t been the same since then. Luckily, I shut down TikTok long enough to see what my real housewives are up to on social media this week. Here’s what I found.

The devil works hard, but Camille Grammer works harder

She may be out of diamonds, but Camille Grammer may have earned a gold medal by dousing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on social media. She routinely trolls them on Twitter after each episode comes out. Camille also takes the time to post memories of what she bought during her time as a franchise on Instagram.

I don’t think we really appreciated her when she was just a snooty housewife saying she had a Jesus complex while her implants were swimming in a Hawaiian hot tub. Looking back, I really see the value of our literary enlightened queen. Who could forget that she casually mentioned that in her first confessional she read a 5th-century Chinese philosophy book on the art of diplomacy? What a feat!

However, Camille’s last post on Instagram was anything but diplomatic. Didn’t she finish the book? Because the former club MTV dancer twerked through the current line-up of RHOBH without even breaking a sweat. I assume.

Mrs. Donattaci Grammer Meyer used a photo from the classic Housewives episode Dinner Party From Hell, accompanied by an article explaining how RHOBH has changed since Season 1. The title is rambling and long, and Camille edited the release so I couldn’t even comprehend it or verify its authenticity. 2. It’s also from June last year but do you think Camille cares? No, it’s never too late for hate.

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One slide showed an image of Camille arguing with Kyle Richards, who stayed with us all these years later to torture her sisters. The headline is entitled “The drama was authentic”. Which obviously implies that it is no more.

In case the message wasn’t clear enough for you, Camille spelled it out in her caption. She wrote: “Before [Lisa] Rina. Just say. Before Erika [Jayne]..etc.. No disrespect, just saying. The original cast was pretty damn good, you know that.” She added a bunch of emojis that didn’t make much sense with the corresponding words. And their punctuation and grammar are absent. But the point is the same — Camille has no problem causing drama. She wasn’t on the show and she hasn’t stopped since. Cheers to corrupt social media Camille Grammer!

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Brielle Biermann goes no further or collects $200

Ever since Don’t Be Tardy was (finally) canceled, Brielle Biermann and the rest of the gang have been relatively quiet. Aside from the news that mom Wig Kim Zolciak Biermann’s home is reportedly facing foreclosure and, of course, her little sister has been arrested.

But when it comes to actual celebrity, the Biermanns are certainly on the wane. I’m not sure if the incline itself was very high initially, but you get the idea. So imagine my surprise when Brielle randomly popped up on my TikTok FYP (for you page) in between all these Pedro mashups.

Cody Premer, a well-known content creator on the app, has gained over 2 million followers by stopping people on the street to ask them questions. Some are incredibly boring, like asking people how tall they are. Others are more intrusive, like what Cody decided to ask Brielle when he met her wandering the streets of LA in fluffy Louis Vuitton slippers/shoes. *Even include a GIF of Louis Vuitton makes mistakes about tenor.*

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In the video, Cody asks Brielle how much money she has in her bank account, which is a common question for his subjects. It’s important to know because Cody clearly has no idea who Brielle is. Neither should he. Brielle’s simple answer is, “A lot.” When he nudged her to ask how much it was, she asked him, “Does it look like I don’t have any numbers in my bank account?”

She goes on to tell a stubborn Cody that money is “like Monopoly money” because it “comes and goes.” I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t know of any rich people who compare their money to a board game that has a thimble as a playing piece. Imagine Tinsley Mortimer saying her cash flow is as secure as Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a candlestick.

Brielle goes on to say that she made her fortune by owning “four companies” and being in television for “about 10 years.” Cody is clearly unimpressed and doesn’t bother asking her whose TV she appeared on. Because it definitely wasn’t his. The video ends when he shadows her because she says she equates the money she invests in companies with Monopoly money, so she doesn’t have to have much.

Brielle must have misunderstood because she says “smart man” and walks away. But she quickly returns to reassure him that she does indeed have money in her bank account. Sure girl. just admit it Cody sank your battleship.

only fans? More like OnlyMan for Larsa Pippen

Is this the end of OnlyFans Empress Larsa Pippen’s subscription foot pics? Probably not. But the Real Housewives of Miami star is apparently head over heels (see what I was doing there?) for her new husband, Marcus Jordan. Ever since Larsa officially took to Instagram with Marcus, she has had no problem featuring him on her Instagram page.

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In case you’re not up to date, Marcus is the son of the most famous Jordan of them all. No, not Charrisse Jackson Jordan. But Michael Jordan. Just like the man who played basketball with Larsa’s ex-husband Scottie Pippen for years. Marcus was 16 years her junior (no shadow, just shadow) and was 7 when Larsa walked down the aisle with his father’s longtime teammate. Which would make this May-December romance possibly the greatest recovery in history. Got it? REBOUND.

Anyway, Larsa recently shared another photo of the two together. She captioned it a very boring “California Breeze.” But despite the snoozing of a caption, the former Mrs. Pippen got plenty of love from her housewives.

But haters will hate and some users weren’t so nice and were quick to point out that the whole situation is kind of weird. One person commented, “Scottie Pippen rolls over in his grave,” despite Scottie being alive and well. Maybe he meant Scottie’s proverbial grave. Anyway, “Kim Kardashian’s minion” seems very carefree. And now that she doesn’t have to hide the relationship anymore, Larsa can just take off her shoes and take pictures of them relaxed.

We meet next week!

[Photo Credit: Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Haute Living]