Here’s why Entity Gaming hasn’t re-entered PUBG Mobile Esports

Although Entity Gaming became one of the most successful Indian PUBG Mobile teams, it did not re-enter the PUBG Mobile esports scene even after the game’s return as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the Indian market. This left fans wondering why the organization disappeared from the scene. In an episode of AFK Gaming’s Men of Culture podcast, Entity Gaming co-founders Varun Bhavnani and Neerav Rukhana explore why the organization has not re-entered the PUBG Mobile scene after the game was unbanned.

The co-founders revealed that Entity Gaming was in the process of forming a team, but a player’s request to remove a clause in their contract preventing the use of alcohol and drugs in boot camp was seen by the as a “big red flag”. Organization. This was the main thing that repelled the organization from the PUBG mobile scene and closed the PUBG mobile shop for it.

The co-founders of Entity Gaming announce that the requirement to allow alcohol in boot camp has led to the exit from PUBG Mobile eSports

Neerav stated that following PUBG Mobile’s return to the Indian market (as Battlegrounds Mobile India), Entity Gaming is considering entering the Indian PUBG Mobile market. The organization was even in the process of incorporating a team and was in talks with the team’s players. He noted that this happened after the organization split from TSM and there were already many influencers in the industry.

He stressed that Entity Gaming’s player contract includes a clause preventing players from using alcohol, doping and anything in the organization’s boot camp and includes a code of conduct that players must follow. Neerav said: “This is the day before the contract signing should take place. We got a team on board, we were about to finish boot camp and stuff for these guys. One of the guys called me, one of the players…”.

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Varun then quoted the player’s exact words: “I do everything and I will continue to do everything. Remove this clause from the contract, I want to drink alcohol.”

Neerav explained that the organization saw this as a “big red flag” and immediately shut down the PUBG Mobile store for it. Varun added that this was the main thing that repelled the organization from the PUBG Mobile scene.

Neerav refrained from revealing the player’s name. However, the co-founders stated that it is one of the popular influencers that is still popular.

He stressed that behind-the-scenes issues often arise that the public is unaware of. Neerav explained that while he is aware of such issues, he does not have the liberty to disclose them publicly as it can be harmful to those involved. “They don’t notice. It’s like a guy comes up and says, “I want to cheat. I want to hack Can I make it?’ Who asks such questions? Like, ‘I’ll do it. Nevertheless, you sign me on the team.« How can you even ask such a question? It was a big red flag for us. Since then we’ve been like we didn’t want to get into the scene,” he added.