‘He’s drunk’: NFL analyst faces flak for saying Alabama QB is ‘Patrick Mahomes in a smaller body’

College football is always exciting to watch. Unlike the pro leagues, NCAA competitions are always packed with deeper play and less flashy moves. Whether it’s D1 or D2, soccer purists are crazy about the competition between state teams and colleges across the States. Some recent developments in the coaching staff have made it even more intriguing. However, most D1 players view NCAA competition as a stepping stone to the NFL. The competition is so fierce that some people even compare college players to the likes of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Manning and many others.

Additionally, some of the comparisons have gone viral and made their way onto ESPN’s screens. A comparison recently went viral on Twitter, leading fans to judge the person who made the comparison. The unpopular hiring came from ESPN analyst Todd McShay. Interestingly, the comparison included a QB from Alabama and Patrick Mahomes.

Is Comparing a College QB to Super Bowl QB Patrick Mahomes Valid?


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Todd McShay is an ESPN analyst for the NFL drafts. Essentially, his only job is to delve deep into the world of college football and make judgments about NFL prospects. He’s had an interesting attitude lately that has earned him a lot of flak. McShay went on to compare Alabama’s college quarterback Bryce Young to recent Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes.

ESPN #NFL Draft Analyst Todd McShay recently compared #Alabama QB Byrce Young to #Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

“I’ve said it several times but he’s Patrick Mahomes in a smaller body.”

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— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) February 19, 2023

After his take went viral on Twitter, fans were horrified and angry. They expressed their anger after McShay compared a college QB to a potential HOFer. There were some brutal comments from fans that began to question McShay’s judgment on such attitudes.

They responded in their typically brutal fashion with surprising unity for the NFL fan base.

Fans Go Ballistic After McShay’s Recording Goes Viral

NFL fans didn’t hold back in expressing their disapproval of McShay’s controversial hiring. A fan was blunt about McShay’s sobriety status.

In addition, fans also commented on the lack of effort behind his analysis and attitude.

There were also comments urging McShay not to embarrass himself.

Stop. To stop. You are ashamed.

— Christy Hendrix (@Christy33990833) February 19, 2023

In addition, fans also commented on Young’s lack of skill.

There have been some comments about the players being stereotyped due to their Mahomes-like abilities.

Prepare for this for the next 5-10 years: Any QB prospect who can escape the pocket and complete long passes on the run will be compared to Mahomes

— VRAP2424 (@vrap2424) February 19, 2023

Finally, one fan also tried to make their own comparison between the college quarterback and a potential NFL counterpart.


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I think he’s more like Watson in a smaller body. Hoping he gained weight for the combine

— Eric (@GiantsFan1500) February 19, 2023

All in all, online football fans weren’t very happy with McShay’s attitude, nor did they agree with his analysis. The comparison also seemed a bit absurd when you look at how much Mahomes actually achieved as a youngster in the league. The comparison just seems disrespectful to the Super Bowl champion.

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While fans could have been furious with McShay’s hiring, there isn’t much evidence to prove him wrong yet. However, only Young’s likely performance in the NFL will exonerate McShay from making such a high comparison.

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