HomeetyWeb3: The Bridge Between Physical and Virtual World in 2023

The Metaverse is a virtual dimension that integrates new user experiences related to social interaction, shopping and gaming. This new way of interacting is possible thanks to new technologies like blockchain, 5G, AR, VR and much more… Decentralization and data ownership are also important parts of this new ecosystem. Metaverse is part of the Web3 Internet that comes after the Web1 and Web2 eras. Web1 is the Internet of simple information retrieval. Web2 is the Internet of dynamic content and social networks.

“The metaverse has the potential to deliver real-world benefits that we are only just beginning to imagine,” Marco Seroussi.

The essence of Homeety has always been to create a simple bridge between Web2 and Web3 that would democratize the use of Web3 technologies.

Web2 is a great way to get interesting content and social interactions, and Web3 enables an immersive, brand new user experience. Still, Web3 contains too many new technologies that are not embraced by the general public and businesses due to the lack of intuitive interfaces in the current ecosystem.

While virtual reality is here now and already having a real impact, much of what we envision for the metaverse is still a decade or so away and will require collaboration between industry and experts, academics, civil society, governments and regulators to to make it right

Homeety’s goal is to show the world that Web3 is a useful tool with a variety of interesting and essential features and where everyone has space to express themselves.

HomeetyWeb3: The bridge between physical and virtual world in 2023

Homeety’s partners complement each other, and the company is the reunion of two types of profiles.

Laurent and Marc have gone through different types of businesses, from commodities to finance and cryptocurrencies.

Lucas and Jimmy are two engineers, entrepreneurs and founders of XRbentsh_, a tech consultancy specializing in tech unicorns and hypergrowth startups. You have a perfect understanding of the competitive environment in which technology companies thrive. They started researching blockchain technology from the very beginning.

They joined forces to found Homeety, a Web3 company whose goal is to democratize and apply Web3 technologies to everyday public and commercial needs through an intuitive, mobile, 2D and 3D user interface.

“I firmly believe that web3 will provide brand new growth drivers for businesses and a safe way for individuals to customize a new type of experience. We create an intuitive and intelligent app to let everyone participate in the revolution. Homeety is the missing piece in the Metaverse ecosystem,” said Mr. Jimmy Guenun – Co-Founder.

Homeety has since integrated a network of renowned tech and gaming professionals with outstanding backgrounds and track records.

The Homeety team has a vision for the web of tomorrow.

Overall, they radically change the use of Web3 objects and technologies.

“I am convinced that blockchain will become an essential technology capable of solving most security and ownership problems. The safest way to live in the metaverse will be with the help of blockchain technology. Our task is to provide a simple and useful user-centric app to democratize this dimension.”; Highlights Lucas Herzbrun – Co-Founder

Additionally, Homeety’s Twitter community recently reached more than 21,000 members willing to explore Homeety’s content just 3 weeks after account creation. More than 10,000 people started following the account last week.

International Metaverse Industry and Vision of the Metaverse:

The Metaverse industry is a revolution that will fill the web with an incredible amount of new functionality and experiences for users worldwide.
“It intends to collect users’ favorite content, reinvent the buying experience, and improve communication between brands and the public,” said Jimmy Guenun.

Over the past four years, many companies and open source contributors have released the technological building blocks that made it possible to begin building this contemporary reality.
Still, the current ecosystem is far too complicated to include people unfamiliar with this complexity, even if they fully feel the need for these new experiences.

“We are convinced that the early players in this industry will not be the winners as they have failed to garner massive adoption and have also failed to demonstrate to the public how this collection of technologies brings value to the individual user can,” said Lucas, co-founder; “The second wave of actors will have the responsibility to democratize this unlimited array of technologies,” he added.

HomeetyWeb3: The bridge between physical and virtual world in 2023

Homeety services:

“Homeety’s vision is to transform the possibilities of NFTs, cryptocurrencies and 3D universes into actual value propositions that open up new use cases,” specifies Laurent Lahmi, CEO of Homeety.

Homeety’s strategy is to start from the real needs of luxury fashion companies in terms of communication between virtual and real events to show the vision.
Serious talks have started with global luxury fashion brands who are definitely interested in the solution.

The main goal is to prove and highlight the expertise in terms of creating experiences and technologies and slowly expanding the scope and potential targets.

Homeety’s approach is not a hypothetical mass adoption of VR/AR-based technologies, but is in fact at the heart of current public life: mobile phones coupled with a pragmatic vision that puts the mobile phone first to its offer around clearly identified needs to expand in the luxury fashion industry.

Services :

Step 1 – Offer the luxury industry

  • Web 3 Management Platform for Real Events – Web 3 Ticketing Solution

It contains

  • A customized digital marketing solution with NFTs and 3D experiences
    • A physical and virtual reward management
    • A space creation and avatar design solution for brands and/or influencers
    • Web 3 consulting services for web agencies
    • A shopping experience that involves the purchase of event-related products or assets

Step 2 – Extension

  • Target extension to general B2B customers
    • General public app release so a larger audience can benefit from Homeety’s experiences


website: homeety.com

Mr. Jimmy Guenun [email protected]

@licornegulf 2022