Honeywell mobile payment solution helps merchants meet customer needs anywhere, anytime

  • Honeywell SmartPay enables on-site payments for retail, parcel delivery, public transit and other businesses to expand their payment capacity, increase revenue, serve customers more effectively and help minimize operational costs

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) announced the release of Honeywell Smart Pay, a contactless software payment solution that enables the company’s powerful mobile computers to become secure and compliant payment terminals capable of accepting contactless mobile payments from anywhere a business sells, accepts, or delivers goods and services.

Honeywell Smart Pay gives sales and service representatives the ability to complete on-site payments for retail, parcel delivery, public transit and other businesses where mobile payments can be used.

Using a major chip-enabled credit card or cell phone with contactless payment capability, any employee with a Honeywell mobile computer, including the award-winning CT30 XP and CT40 XP, can accept payment from a consumer either in the field or in the store, improving the overall customer experience and delivery a seamless transaction experience with increased security and flexibility of payment options.

“Hassle-free check-out and providing specialized customer service can help attract loyal customers and make lasting impressions,” said Taylor Smith, chief technology officer, Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services. “We developed Honeywell Smart Pay with the goal of helping merchants make consumer purchases faster, easier and safer – thereby improving the customer experience.”

More and more people are using cards and digital wallets to shop in stores instead of using cash. The Federal Reserve Board found that in 2021, only one in five consumers preferred to use cash to pay for personal payments. Foreclosure[1] recently reported that 83% of consumers have already used contactless payments and 65% of customers plan to use more contactless payments in the next three years.

For a merchant, traditional mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) accessories mounted on a mobile computer come with recurring lifetime costs for card reader hardware and payment processing encryption keys, which add up to the cost of the mobile computer compete alone, nearly doubling the total upfront cost of mobile payments. Smart Pay software point of sale eliminates these additional costs and the bulk and weight of accessories while keeping customer data secure.

The software solution was developed in cooperation with the leading payment software and consulting provider Amadis, whose software is used on more than 40 million mobile devices worldwide.

“Honeywell Smart Pay integrates sophisticated secure code and anti-tampering technology with the essential foundations of Amadis’ proven card processing and security software to provide a secure solution for payment acceptance services,” said Emmanuel Haydont, CEO and co-founder of Amadis. “This technology emulates in software the physically secure platform and tamper detection used on traditional payment terminals to maintain the high level of security compliance required by payment networks to ensure secure retail payments.”

Honeywell Smart Pay supports major credit cards, which account for more than 85% of global transaction volume, with more regional card brands to be added in 2023.

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[1] Salesforce, Inc., State of the Connected Consumer, 5th Edition, May 11, 2022.