Hong Kong Polytechnic now offers MSc in Blockchain Technology

Applications are currently being accepted for the Master of Science in Blockchain Technology program at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for admission in September 2023. This program will be the first MSc in Blockchain Technology to be offered in Hong Kong and the tuition fee is approximately $38,500.

According to the institution, the program is aimed at people who are already familiar with blockchain and other similar technologies and want to evaluate, create, implement and evaluate fintech and other related systems, goods and services.

The coverage includes not only important fintech technologies and applications, but also other relevant topics such as security, compliance and legislation.

What Hong Kong hopes to achieve with the degree

Students leave the program with the information, support and guidance needed to continue learning and growing in fintech and other related disciplines throughout their lives. Regarding the goal of the degree, the university said:

To produce graduates who can think holistically and analytically and apply various key technologies such as blockchain technology, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis to solve problems in the financial sector and other related disciplines and develop systems/applications in teams or individually.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Another aim is to ensure that graduates leave the program with advanced expertise in blockchain technology as well as strong intellectual, practical and critical thinking skills.

The next goal is to produce graduates with professional ethics, social responsibility and all-round talents who can contribute to the growth of Hong Kong and China; and to produce graduates who can keep up with innovative, up-to-date and sophisticated technologies and participate in autonomous lifelong learning.

Graduates of the program are expected to have expertise in core ideas and methodologies and in creating various blockchain and fintech applications. They have the knowledge needed to seek jobs in finance as well as other industries that could benefit from blockchain technology.

The prerequisite for admission is the completion of a bachelor’s degree in computer science/computer science/engineering, business informatics, mathematics or another area closely related to computer science.

However, applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than computer science who also have at least three years of professional experience in an IT-related environment are also considered.

Influence of Hong Kong Polytechnic on blockchain

According to a ranking released by CoinDesk in September, the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institution is expected to have the biggest impact on blockchain technology of any university in the world in 2022.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University scientists have published 209 blockchain-related research papers, which is the most of the 240 institutions we examined for this project. As a result, they have also received more citations than any other school.

According to the results of the survey conducted by CoinDesk, HKPolyU performed well in most criteria except for employment and industry effect.

These are the graduates’ chances of finding a job after graduation. With regard to this criterion, HKPolyU is positioned in the bottom quarter of the top 50 institutes.

Given China’s strict ban on cryptocurrencies, there is significant debate in the crypto community as to whether or not there are robust career opportunities for young graduates from Chinese universities.

In Hong Kong, after years of regulatory uncertainty, the landscape suddenly shifted towards clear guidelines allowing individual investors to trade digital assets a few weeks ago.

With crypto trading illegal in mainland China, several companies have been reluctant to expand their presence there to capitalize on the city’s booming demand.