Horizon Call of the Mountain May Be a Test Run for the Franchise Without Aloy

The next entry in Guerrilla Games’ horizon becomes a franchise horizon call of the mountain, a spin-off title coming to PS VR2. Interestingly, the game’s protagonist will not be Aloy, and the game will instead target a new character. This is an unexpected move from the studio as Aloy’s presence is a sure way to draw in fans, although the game may make the studio feel like how successful the series could be without its usual heroine.


Sony’s PS VR2 is due out in 2023 and there are already quite a few games confirmed for the headset, including Resident Evil Village and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Vengeance. Horizon forbidden westdespite being cross-generational, is a stunning example of the PS5’s potential, and call of the mountain could potentially do the same for the upcoming headset.

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Horizon call of the mountain and Ryas

That horizon Franchise will enter the world of virtual reality horizon call of the mountain, one of the most anticipated games for Sony’s upcoming headset. It will be overwhelming to experience the wild world of horizon in VR but not through the eyes of Aloy. Instead, the game focuses on Ryas, a new character. He is a shadow Carja warrior and is looking for salvation for something, although players don’t yet know what for. The mysterious character already seems intriguing, and there’s likely a lot to be learned about his past with Shadow Carja and his path to redemption.

Trailers have revealed that Ryas will be able to use a bow and scale mountains like Aloy, although his narrative will be unique to him. He was seen battling a massive Thunderjaw and taking a leisurely boat ride through a beautiful jungle. Aloy’s absence will likely alarm some fans, but it was probably a very conscious decision by Guerrilla Games. Aloy’s story is gripping, but it has to come to an end at some point, although it doesn’t have to mean the end of the franchise. The studio may be testing the waters to see how much the series could thrive without its red-headed leading lady.

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How Horizon can survive without Aloy

Aloy undeniably played a significant role in the success of the horizon Franchise. Despite an uncomfortable childhood as an outcast, she still has empathy for others and faith in herself. Her resilience, kindness, and determination are admirable, and she holds a special place in gaming for being one of the few strong female leads who doesn’t have been overly sexualized. in many ways horizon owes its success to Aloy, although one can imagine a future for the franchise that doesn’t center on her.

Fans of the series got a taste for it horizon Comics that feature Aloy but also give great importance to Talanah, the leader of the Carja Hunters Lodge. This is notable as she is the first woman to rise to this position. Like Aloy, Talanah is fierce and confident, and she rarely shies away from a challenge, no matter how big. She demonstrates that compelling plots that don’t focus on Aloy can be presented within the horizon franchise and that the fans can take it positively.

Guerrilla Games has also shown that his ability to write good characters isn’t limited to Aloy, as the franchise includes several other complex characters that fans have fallen in love with. in the Horizon forbidden westthe players meet Beta, who is also the clone of Elisabet Sobeck. Although Beta and Aloy share genetics, their experience makes them very different women, resulting in complicated interactions between the two. Players are also introduced to Kotallo, who loses his arm in battle. He doesn’t let that limit him, and through his experiences players will learn how to live with a disability, especially as the character’s growth arc is given the complexity it deserves.

That horizon Franchise can potentially thrive without Aloy thanks to the creative open world that Guerrilla Games created. It blends primitive and sci-fi visual styles, forming a rather unique world that is mesmerizing to explore. As the games go on their quest, they explore an American landscape reclaimed by nature, resulting in beautiful scenery, be it snow-capped mountain peaks or streams with sparkling surfaces. These scenic natural environments remind players that no matter how bleak things seem, the earth is worth saving.

As players explore, they will encounter diverse flora and fauna, although the greatest dangers come from the lurking machines. With their elemental attacks and bad settings, the machines are not to be trifled with. Despite their dangerous nature, they are also beautiful to watch, and players can easily be mesmerized by a Petrel flying high or a Thunderjaw marching in the distance. The machines also offer quite addictive gameplay, and players have to hack at their components to take down the chunks of metal. Fortunately, players have plenty of tools at their disposal to create some clever strategies. Players who prefer stealth can set traps and tripwires, while braver players can attack enemies head-on with creative weapons like the Gauntlet Shredders and Spike Throwers. With this, players can have tons of fun regardless of whether they play as Aloy or not.

The series is far from over, and the world is so rich in detail that it’s easy to focus on a tribe or character and tell a compelling story. Although Aloy was synonymous with horizon For years, there could be a future for the franchise without her. Hopefully her replacement is just as memorable.

horizon call of the mountain is in development for the PlayStation VR2.

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