How can you increase the battery life of your Android smartphone?

Are you struggling to keep your Android phone from dying from low battery? Extending the battery life of a smartphone is not a big hassle, especially for Android phones.

Android devices tend to have a larger battery capacity than iOS devices, which is a big advantage. With targeted measures, users can easily save battery life and get through the day without having to connect their smartphone to a charger a second time.

How to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone

Google’s popular operating system offers several settings that users can tweak to extend their smartphone’s battery life. In addition, they can also restrict some functions to reduce battery consumption. Try the following tips to optimize power consumption:

1) Activate battery mode

Every modern Android phone has a switch to switch to a low-power mode with a tap of a finger. This is the easiest way to limit background activity and enable battery optimization. You can also access other customizations, including restricting certain apps and internet usage, from the battery saver menu.

Users can find this setting in the quick settings menu, which can be expanded by swiping down from the top of the phone’s screen. Alternatively, the energy saving mode can also be activated via the settings app.

2) Disable background app refresh

Android phones can disable background app activity entirely, allowing users to get the most out of their internet connection or slow down battery drain.

You can find this option under the Battery tab in the Settings app. Disable “Background App Refresh” or restrict certain applications individually. If available, you can also enable Adaptive Battery in your phone’s battery settings.

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3) Disable location, wifi and internet services

Android smartphones continuously monitor the user’s location and scan for available wireless networks to provide customized results and automatic functionality when location and wireless services are enabled. Continuous monitoring consumes part of the phone’s battery life.

Make sure location services and Bluetooth are turned off if not required. Disabling the internet also helps, but it’s an essential feature for most users. Try not to use it all the time. You can also switch to airplane mode when you are not using the device.

4) Reduce screen brightness and enable dark mode

Lowering the screen brightness is the most obvious way to reduce battery drain on an Android phone. Modern devices come with AMOLED and OLED displays that focus on providing users with the most color-accurate experience possible.

Unfortunately, this also affects the battery optimization, mainly if you use the phone continuously with the brightest brightness. Lower the brightness or set it to automatic to save energy.

Google also recommends enabling dark mode for apps and the operating system to further optimize battery life. You can access this setting for individual apps or choose a dark theme for the OS skin.

5) Some battery friendly adjustments may help

Turn off keyboard noise and vibrations first, as these effects drain the device’s battery. Users should also avoid activities that consume a lot of power, including using the camera app and playing video games.

Also, make sure to charge your smartphone with the included power adapter. Using any other adapter will affect the charging speed and harm the battery and the health of the device. Also, try to keep your smartphone cool, as high processor temperatures drain the battery faster and affect its health.

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6) Improve overall battery life and health of your device

Make sure the Android device is up to date in terms of software. Some operating system updates include battery optimization and improvements. In addition, updating to the latest version ensures your device is in the best state of optimization necessary to extend battery life.

If your phone’s battery is draining too quickly and you can’t control it, try factory resetting the device after backing it up.

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