How much of Mint Mobile does Ryan Reynolds own? Deadpool Star Strikes $1.35 Billion Deal With T-Mobile

Modified March 16, 2023 12:34 PM IST

Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile was recently sold to T-Mobile for a reported purchase price of around $1.35 billion, which will be 39% cash and 61% stock. Reynolds currently owns around 20-25% of the company, but the profits he made from the deal have not yet been disclosed.

Reynolds may receive a nine-figure payment and continue his creative role at the company. The Deadpool star issued a statement on the deal, saying it shows her potential to offer the best to her clients. He continued:

“We are so fortunate that T-Mobile has beaten an aggressive last minute offer from my mother Tammy Reynolds as we believe the excellence of her 5G network will provide a better strategic fit than my mother’s slightly above average mahjong skills . That makes me proud of the entire Mint team and so excited for what’s to come.”

I only want the best for Mint Mobile customers. I think I found it.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert was also pleased with the deal, saying they will reap profits from the marketing process that has earned Mint recognition. He continued:

“We believe customers will really win with a more competitive and expansive Mint and Ultra.” Ryan Reynolds became the owner of Mint Mobile in 2019Mint Mobile announced in 2019 that Ryan Reynolds became the owner (Image via Simon Stacpoole/Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds became the owner of Mint Mobile in November 2019 and the company confirmed it on its official website at the time. Reynolds was originally a user of Mint Mobile and after being announced as the owner said:

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“While every other tech titan is chasing missiles, I’ll turn to the budget-friendly wireless sector. Like most people, I only use Rocket 10-12 times a year, but I use my cell service every day.”

TechCrunch reported the following month that Reynolds had brought a minority stake in the company. Aron North, CMO of Mint Mobile, said of his involvement that Reynolds’ involvement is important to the company and described him as a celebrity who is funny, entertaining and engaging.

Mint Mobile is a subsidiary of Ka’ena Corporation, which was affiliated with Ultra Mobile. It has received several awards, including one from WhistleOut in 2018. It was also named to the Best Cell Phone Plans of 2022 list by US News & World Report.

Other companies owned by Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds acquired a minority stake in Aviation American Gin back in 2018, but the price of the deal has not yet been announced. He is spokesman and creative director of the brand.

After Reynolds’ involvement, sales soared by 2020 and the company became the second largest super premium gin brand in the US. Ryan reportedly owned a 20% interest in the company and may have received approximately $67 million pre-tax from the upfront portion of the sale, in addition to $55 million from the milestone payments.