How Selena Gomez seems to be spending her free time amid a social media hiatus and Hailey Bieber drama

Internet drama has swirled around Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber for years. But things finally came to a head this week when shady comments were exchanged on TikTok and Gomez decided to take a break from the app together. Now the actress is back on social media and sharing what she’s been up to as the rumored drama continues to smolder online. The answer couldn’t be healthier.

It turns out that Gomez has returned to her Texas roots and has spent some time visiting her family this week. According to photos the Only Murders in the Building star shared on her Instagram, the relaxing holiday appeared to be filled with fishing and family memories that would last a lifetime. She wore casual, comfortable clothing on the trip and felt at home with the people she loves most. You can check out the cute photos below.

It’s so cute that the Emmy nominee has a place to go when the Hollywood hullabaloo gets a little too much. She’s clearly taking a step back and enjoying the time with the people she cares about most instead of paying attention to online chatter. Texas is Gomez’s home state, so it must have been nice to reconnect with some of her family members who still live there.

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Gomez revealed that she took to social media shortly after becoming the most followed woman on Instagram. Not long before that, Hailey Bieber posted videos that some fans believe were aimed at Gomez, and some assumed the supermodel and Kylie Jenner made fun of her makeup tutorial videos. Another video resurfaced of Bieber demurely shadowing Taylor Swift, who is a well-known gomez bestie. The Only Murders in the Building star defended Swift before exiting the video-sharing app.

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Rumors of a feud between the two have been circulating for some time. Gomez dated Justin Bieber for years before ending things for good in 2018. Not long after the split, the pop singer became engaged to Hailey Baldwin, who changed her last name to Bieber after their marriage. The model squashed rumors of an alleged rivalry between the two on the Call Her Daddy podcast, and the girls posted a photo together on Instagram. However, the narrative seems to have changed in recent weeks. That’s a lot of drama, and the trip to Texas clearly gave the actress some much-needed rest and relaxation.

We’ll continue to update you on these two, but in the meantime, you can watch Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building with a Hulu subscription. Additionally, those with an Apple TV+ subscription can stream Gomez’s documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, in which she catalogs her mental health journey. Stay tuned to our Winter TV Premiere 2023 schedule for more information on other streaming content coming soon.