How to achieve the ‘crying makeup’ look, social media’s latest beauty trend

Demonstrate or even reinforce sadness. The concept might seem incredible, but this is the new fad among some Gen Z social media users.

While makeup used to be used to enhance our facial features, today it is used to accentuate our sadness, our fear and our melancholy. This has become known as “crying makeup” and is the latest beauty trend to take over social media.

Having promoted the concept of ‘sadfishing’, which is about sharing your sadness on social media, Gen Z is embracing the same with ‘crying makeup’, the craziest makeup trend of the moment direction.

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The idea is to create a melancholy, sad, even totally depressed beauty look to make you look as miserable as possible.

This is where mascara can run for the first time, lashes can clump, your skin can shine and your lips can look puffy, which goes against everything makeup artists have been teaching us for years.

who knew The most desirable look of the moment is that of despair.

After winning over world-famous models and influencers like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, makeup artists are now throwing aside their own golden rules by sharing tips and tricks for looking lost.

Red eyes, a wet face, swollen lips and watery eyes are at the core of this new trend that seems to be gaining more followers on TikTok by the day. The hashtag #cryingmakeup has already achieved around six million views on the Chinese social network, while its counterpart #crymakeup has already counted more than one million.

Makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy’s video is arguably the most compelling yet, with nearly four million views.

All it takes is using makeup to highlight the eye area in a specific way.  Photo compilation: AFPAll it takes is using makeup to highlight the eye area in a specific way. Photo compilation: AFP

The young woman reveals step by step how to achieve the perfect crying makeup look. And everything seems to revolve around the shades chosen to highlight specific areas of the face.

The makeup artist uses a blush duo not only on her cheekbones but also around her eyes and on the tip of her nose. Remember, the idea is to give the impression that you’ve cried your heart out. Then simply add a wet look with a shimmer effect liquid eyeshadow on the eyes, cheekbones and under the nose.

And there you have it! sadness nailed.

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Looking sad is the ultimate trend on social media right now. An idea that may seem strange in times that are already pretty grim for many, but is undoubtedly an expression of a desire to accentuate and express the surrounding melancholy of an entire generation.

In fashion, it takes the form of a certain nostalgia for an era that members of the Gen Z crowd didn’t — or barely — know at all: the 1990s and 2000s.

One can only hope that the phenomenon does not last forever and that smiling will soon be back in vogue among today’s young people. – AFP Relax News