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On Instagram, you can know who’s viewing your Stories, Highlights, Reels, and more. Just like Facebook, this app can detect if stalkers are lurking on your profile.

For those wondering how to do this, the tricks are pretty simple. For example, if you regularly post images to your highlights collection, be aware that this will not last long.

After 48 hours, they will automatically become unavailable, so make sure you run these hacks before the 48-hour window hits.

How to Check Your Instagram Highlight Viewers on Android

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If you want to know who’s viewed your latest Instagram highlights, here’s a guide to help you find out your viewers.

According to a report by TechPP, the first thing you need to do is open Instagram on your Android device. Check the app regularly for updates so you can install the latest version of it. If you update it to the latest version, you can enjoy more IG features.

After opening the app, tap on your profile picture. You can see it right in the lower right part of the screen. From here you can check your profile. Go to “Edit Profile Options” to review your existing Instagram Highlights.

Then select your desired highlight and click to display the viewer of your posted clip or image. Scroll down until you see your IG Highlight activity in the lower left corner.

You can now check how many views your particular highlight has. You can also recognize the names of the viewers.

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How to Check Your Instagram Highlight Viewers on iPhone

The method of viewing your highlight lookers on Instagram via an iPhone is pretty much the same as Android. The only difference is the interface before you open the app.

Make it a habit again to update your Instagram to the latest version. Right after checking the update, go to your profile picture and under the edit profile button, tap on your Instagram highlights list.

Also, click on a specific highlight to see the number of viewers and their names.

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How to check your Instagram highlight viewers on desktop

The desktop hack to check Instagram highlight viewer is different from the first two techniques. To start using this trick, you must first open Instagram from this link on the web.

After that, tap on your display photo and go to “Edit Profile” option. Then select a highlight that you want to see. Once you’re done with that, your Instagram Highlight activity will now appear when you click on it.

Can you see the viewer list after 48 hours?

Since the Instagram Highlights time limit is 48 hours, there is no way to check the viewers list past that time frame.

However, there are a few ways you can see them again, such as: B. Take a screenshot, use a third-party tool, and enhance your story highlights.

For another bonus hack, Ad Week shares how to turn on silent mode on Instagram.

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