How to create and share text cards from Chrome on Android phone

A fun feature on Android phones is the ability to turn snippets of text into quotes that appear like a map. It’s a unique way to share words of wisdom, funny jokes or quips, quotable lines from movies and articles, inspirational or apt quotes, and more. It’s easy to convert text from almost anywhere into a text card on a Pixel phone, then share it with your contacts.

1. Open the Chrome app on your Pixel phone.

2. Go to a website with text you want to share.

3. Find the passage you want and touch and hold anywhere within the sentence or paragraph until a highlight appears.

(Image credit: Christine Persaud/Android Central)

4. Drag the bubbles on either side of the highlight until they cover the entire cutout.

5. Select Share from the pop-up menu.

6. Choose Create Map.

7. Swipe left to explore the different map styles until you find the one you want.

(Image credit: Christine Persaud/Android Central)

8. Select Next at the top right of the screen.

9. Save the newly created map to your device or decide where and with whom to share it.

(Image credit: Christine Persaud/Android Central)

Google is constantly adding updates to Chrome. This Chrome text card feature is a nice feature that’s available on many Android phones, not just Google Pixel devices. Note, however, that it only works with web pages from the Chrome browser. It adds another creative element to the process of sharing quotes and texts without having to download a separate app.

Chrome’s text cards limit text to 240 characters, but that’s enough for capturing a quote from your favorite actor about their latest movie project, a line of praise from an article about you or your company, or a line of text you think would do would make a great inspirational quote to share with others. These text cards are also perfect for Instagram and Twitter posts.

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Note that you can alternatively turn the text into an active shareable link instead of a map. Just select the app you want to paste the text into after clicking share (step 5 above) and the excerpt will be shared via that method e.g. via email, instant message or social media profile, along with a direct link to the source book page. It’s a great way to highlight something important in an article, review, product page, story or interview, for example to entice someone to click the link and read it in full.

Enjoy the text card feature in the best Android phones, including the latest Pixel devices.

Create your own maps

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is just one of many Android phones that work with the text card maker feature, which allows you to extract text from a web page and turn it into a nice-looking card to share.