How to customize the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In 2016, Apple introduced the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, a small OLED display strip that’s touch-sensitive and displays virtual buttons. On MacBook Pro models with the Touch Bar, the top row of function keys is replaced with a control strip containing a Touch ID sensor built into the power button on the right.

While using your Mac, you may have noticed that the Touch Bar offers contextual controls based on your current activity. Depending on the app you’re using, you might see additional options in the Touch Bar, or suggested tips as you type.

Change the Touch Bar settings on MacBook Pro

You can customize the Touch Bar display by choosing specific settings. For example, you can choose to only show the extended Control Strip or the app buttons on the Touch Bar. You also have the option to change the functionality of the Fn key or Globe key by customizing their press and hold actions.


How to customize the Touch Bar on your Mac.

Now click on Keyboard and then select Touch Bar Settings.

From there you can choose what the Touch Bar displays, e.g. B. App buttons or the Control Strip.

You can also customize the actions of pressing and holding the Fn and Globe keys. If you always want to show function keys for certain apps, you can add them in Keyboard Shortcuts. You can also enable typing suggestions in the Touch Bar.

How to customize the Touch Bar control buttons on MacBook Pro

To customize the control strip on your Mac, first click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.

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Next, click Keyboard in the sidebar and then select Touch Bar Settings on the right side of the window.

Click Customize Control Strip. If you want to extend the Control Strip on the Touch Bar, you can. You can add, rearrange, or remove buttons in the control strip.

To add a button, simply use the trackpad or mouse to drag the button from the screen onto the control strip. You know a button can be moved because it wiggles slightly in the control strip.

To rearrange buttons, use your finger on the control strip to drag a button to a new location.

Finally, to remove a button, use the trackpad or mouse to drag the button from the control strip back onto the screen.

How to customize Touch Bar buttons for apps on MacBook Pro

To customize the Touch Bar in an app, choose View, then choose Customize Touch Bar. You can add, remove, or rearrange buttons on the Touch Bar, but remember that not all apps allow button customization.

To add a button, just drag it off the screen and drop it on the Touch Bar. If you want to rearrange buttons, drag them with your finger on the Touch Bar.

To remove a button, drag it from the Touch Bar back onto the screen.

When you’re done customizing, click the Done button on the screen or tap the Done button on the Touch Bar (if it’s visible).

Here’s how to customize the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro. There are several customization options that can help you get more out of the Touch Bar.

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