How to deal with negative perceptions of online dating for women

Acknowledging the negative perceptions of online dating for women

As they say in Nigerian parlance, “Follow who knows the road”. We were originally billed to cover how to make good online dating choices, but based on last week’s feedback, a more pressing topic emerged and we wanted to address it as soon as possible. How ladies exercising the opportunity to use dating websites are treated and how this can be managed.

Let’s all acknowledge that negative perceptions of online dating have hit women the hardest. Romantic relationships are about two consenting adults who make the decision to come together to explore their chances of forming a loving, sweet, and long-lasting relationship. Both sexes are needed in order for a meaningful relationship to be forged, for no one will marry themselves.

Targeted, Harassed, and Stigmatized: The Treatment of Women on Dating Websites

Notwithstanding the above fact, when the topic of online dating is brought up, women have gotten a lot of heat. Such derogatory terms as “Owerri girls”, “Ekiti girls”, “Olosho” just to name a few. Then there’s the stigma for trying online dating. Women are attacked, harassed, verbally abused, sexually humiliated, and in some extreme cases, stalked and may even be physically assaulted.

This harassment came from many quarters and even from some unexpected quarters. One such quarter is the “Christian Soldiers” standpoint, which claims that finding a partner through online dating is wrong and the Bible does not condone it.

Misunderstandings and narrow-mindedness that fuel negative perceptions of online dating

While this isn’t our main discussion, it’s worth pursuing because many people have used “Christianity” as a club, and that’s unfair to true Christians. Those who condemn online dating have no idea what exactly it means. It’s likely that their first interaction with online dating was some “free” sites that were free for everyone and they left a very negative impression. They got stuck there and never took any further training, nor asked any questions. They base their opinions on “following the flock” or what they have heard “somebody say” and they resist it.

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This is the bane of many divisions in our society. We have a situation where people are being stereotyped because of their ethnicity, religion or career and this has also tangled up with issues they can’t understand and guess what? Online dating is something they don’t understand, so they judge it negatively. Such people are held captive by narrow-mindedness and are afraid of current ideas or changes. You will often point out that “back then” no emancipation was wanted, especially for women.

Using religion to denounce online dating

Many people hide in Scripture/Bible/Religion to denounce online dating as if God specifically told them so. Someone mentioned it’s from Hell/Antichrist. Technology has done a lot of good and bad to the world, but we can say with certainty that it’s not the technology that’s bad, it’s how it’s used. Our phones, vehicles, TVs, gadgets and all the latest technologies are not bad in themselves, nor is watching cable or satellite TV or using the phone bad, but it is the way they are used that has an impact matters.

Breaking the fixed image of women and online dating

Some people grew up with a misconception of what women are supposed to do or be. For these people, everything outside is just wrong. They have a fixed image in their mind/opinion about the “right way” for a woman to do. This behavior permeates their whole purpose, and they are often difficult to convince. From the above we see that the way people deal with online dating is rooted in many problems as the above reasons are not exhaustive.

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Guard rails, administration and guidelines: creating a safe platform for women

We’ve taken on all the issues that people find disgusting about online dating and made changes to keep our platform clean, decent and attractive to decent ladies and gentlemen who are serious about falling in love, no frivolities and nefarious ones Find activities while keeping them fun, meeting cool eligible singles and building friendship and lasting love.

A. One of the ways we ensure this is – Guardrails on our platform. Our founder keeps a tight grip on traffic, ensuring the vision and mission are maintained and our users are happy.

B. Well Managed – We have 24/7 administrative staff working on the site to eliminate volatile, misguided, or diabolical behavior that is inconsistent with the core purpose.

C. We have a policy of no open chats/calls/videos pending mutual consent. If you admire someone, they MUST admire you before you can “talk to” again.

D. SUBSCRIPTION ONLY – You must pay to be on our platform. This ensures we weed out any urgent 2K inexperienced folks. It’s not an elite site, but in an effort to keep you safe and secure, and to allow you to meet good people, we have set a price on our services. It is NOT FREE but you will feel special and you will be in the company of high profile people. Our subscription is affordable.

So this ensures that decent, career-minded female entrepreneurs and focused ladies are welcome without fear of harassment.

Building a positive and respectful online dating environment

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We will create an environment for eligible men and women who are fed up with the fraudulent online dating sites that promise a lot but don’t come close to delivering and are overrun with fakes. It will be a clean, decent, cool and fun place to meet single professionals and business entrepreneurs who are looking for a sweet, loving and long lasting relationship. Guys are sure that this is not for nefarious activities and are free to admire ladies for a common purpose. Love.

Go and register with us. We’re taking the lead to educate people, remove the stigma and clean up the online dating space with the intention of opening it up for decent, clean, hardworking professionals to step in and improve the pool of people you both male as well as female can meet online.

Wait for our start

Our website is not open yet so please avoid websites that claim to be part of us and offer you an app to download. All of our products, web/Android downloads/iOS downloads are coming soon.