How to download Fortnite on your Android?

If you’re a fan of battle royale games, surely you’ve played Fortnite before, the Epic Games title that has become a real sensation on mobile platforms such as mobile phones.

If that’s the case, also know that Epic sued Manzana in August 2020 in the US District Court for the Northern District of California over Manzana’s practices in the iOS App Store.

Due to this legal issue, Fortnite is no longer available on Manzana devices, but can also be found outside of the Google Play Store.

This is because Epic Games planned to file a lengthy, 63-page lawsuit against Google alleging anti-competitive practices and a monopoly on in-app payments.

In the case of Google, the 30% commission also applies to apps and in-app products, which was one of the reasons Fortnite was not available on the Play Store when it was released.

Photo: Fortnite Is it possible to download Fortnite on Android?

Although Google has removed Fortnite from its app store, there are still some ways to have the title on your Android phone and at UnoCero we tell you:

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One of them is via another fully official application store, uptodown, a software download site created in 2002 that has an extensive catalog with millions of APKs.

In this store you can download apps for the main operating systems: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS and Android, Fortnite being one of these apps.

On Samsung or Huawei

If you have a Samsung Galaxy or Huawei device, you can get the Epic Games or Fortnite installer from their respective app stores.

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For Samsung Galaxy devices, you need to access the Galaxy Store and download Epic Games. Once the app is downloaded, you can open the installer and select Fortnite to begin installing.

On compatible Huawei devices, you can find the Fortnite installer in the AppGallery. Just install the app and run the installer to install the game on your Huawei device.

Photo: Fortnite Epic Games Store

For remaining device models, you must access the official web of Epic Games to download its own installer through your Android’s web browser. Follow these steps to complete the process:

Open your mobile device browser and visit Click on “Download in app Epic Games”. A file will be downloaded in your browser as an APK. Accept the download and run the “FortniteInstaller…apk” file. If you see a security warning, choose Settings and authorize downloads from this source to allow installation of the Epic Games app. Then go back. Now you can install the “Epic Games” app on your smartphone. After the installation is complete, click Open. Once you open the Epic Games app, you’ll see two games: Fortnite and Battle Breakers. Select “Fortnite” to open the download page and click “Install”. Another security warning appears. Click Settings and enable authorization to allow Epic Games to install apps from unknown sources. After authorization and going back, the Fortnite installation window will appear. Accept and start installing the game. When you open the game for the first time, you will be asked for permissions and your user account. User. Complete the setup, then you can enjoy Fortnite on your Android device. Photo: Fortnite

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