How to download TrollStore on iOS 16

TrollStore is a popular App Store alternative for iOS users who want to avoid Apple’s authentication process every time they install an app. Although it is available for iOS 15 and iOS 14 devices, many users are eager to download TrollStore on their iOS 16 devices. Unfortunately, there is currently no official method to install TrollStore on iOS 16 devices.

Previously, Trollstore was compatible with iOS due to a vulnerability in AMFI/Core Trust that allowed unsigned binaries to run on the system without proper certificate validation. However, this issue has been fixed in iOS 15.5 and later versions. Unfortunately, iOS 16 does not have this vulnerability, which means that it is currently impossible to install Trollstore on a device running iOS 16. This underscores the importance of updating software and the potential risks associated with using outdated software. However, millions of users who are using iPhone with iOS 16 update still want to download and install TrollStore on iOS 16. So we came to help you with the guide.

How to download TrollStore on iOS 16

Note: Make sure you are running the jailbreaking version of iOS.

Since there is no official TrollStore app available online, you can use the other TrollStore alternative like Scarlett on IOS to use TrollStore on iOS 16. We have prepared the guide on how to download Scarlett on IOS devices.

Once you have installed Scarlett on IOS, you can download TrollStore IPA and use Scarlett Platform to install Scarlett on IOS 16. For more steps and instructions, see the video below.

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By carefully following the above steps, users can successfully download and install Scarlett on their iOS device. However, it is important to note that iOS users have several other TrollStore alternatives available to sideload apps onto their devices. These alternatives offer different features and functionalities, and users can explore different options based on their preferences and needs. Some popular TrollStore alternatives for iOS include AltStore, AppCake, and TweakBox. Ultimately, users should exercise caution when downloading and installing apps from third-party sources and make sure they are using a trusted and secure platform.

In case users don’t want to install TrollStore on their iOS 16 device using the above guide, they also have the option to go back to iOS 15 or iOS 14 to use TrollStore instead. Furthermore, the internet is swarming with various tricks and methods to sideload apps and games on iOS devices from third-party stores. If users know other platforms similar to TrollStore for iOS, please feel free to share their recommendations in the comments section below. However, it is important to exercise caution when downloading and installing apps from third-party sources as they can pose potential risks to device security and privacy.