How to fix dark mode not working in Outlook on iPhone?

Dark mode not working in Microsoft Outlook on iPhone? Instead of worrying, you can then follow the troubleshooting tips I’ve covered in this guide regarding the issue. The usual causes of dark mode not working in Microsoft Outlook can be bugs in Outlook app or version of iOS.

Second, the dark theme may not be enabled in the Outlook app. Are you trying to set the app’s theme to follow the system (i.e. iPhone) theme? Well, if the device theme is not set to dark mode, the theme will not be applied to the Outlook app. Also, sometimes users face such random errors after installing a new system update. That could also be a reason.

Ways to fix dark mode not working in Microsoft Outlook on iOS

It’s not rocket science to fix dark mode issue with Outlook app. You can manually apply the dark theme on both the app and the device. Even updating iPhone to the latest version of iOS can help fix errors. Let’s review these troubleshooting tips in detail.

1. Restart the iPhone

Start troubleshooting by restarting the iPhone. It is an easy solution to fix the random errors.

Press the iPhone power button. You’ll see an option to “Slide to power off” on the screen.
Drag the slider and the iPhone will turn off. After a few seconds, press the power button again to turn on the iPhone. Now launch Outlook app and check whether dark mode has been enabled or not.

If dark mode still doesn’t work in Outlook app, try the other troubleshooting tips listed below.

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2. Apply dark theme on iPhone

You can turn on the dark theme for iPhone in the Display & Brightness settings on iOS.

Go to Settings > tap Display & Brightness. On the Appearance tab, select Dark. [There would be two options Light & Dark] Close the Settings app and launch the Outlook app. Now the dark theme should be applied to the app.
3. Manually enable dark theme in Outlook app

Here are the steps to manually enable dark theme in Outlook app on iOS. Choose this if the app doesn’t switch to dark theme according to your device’s theme.

Start the Microsoft Outlook app. Tap the profile picture > tap the Settings gear icon.
Scroll to Appearances and tap on it. Then under Themes, select Dark theme. You can also select the System option. This allows the app to follow the same theme as the device.
4. Update iOS to the latest version

Fix the system build errors by installing a new iOS update on your iPhone.

Go to the Settings app and tap on it. Tap General > Software Update. If the iPhone is connected to the internet, it will now start checking for system updates. If a new iOS build is available, tap Download and Install.
Allow the update to download, which may take some time depending on internet speed. Once the download is complete, restart the iPhone to complete the installation.

After installing the iOS update, launch the Outlook app and check if dark mode is now enabled on it.

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5. Close and restart the Outlook app

Another useful trick to get rid of random errors in Outlook app is to close and restart it.

If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, double-press the Home button to bring up the App Cards. Then scroll through the app cards and go to the Outlook app card. Hold the app card and swipe up to close it.
Otherwise, if you have an iPhone without Touch ID, swipe up on the screen and pause in the middle of the display. The app cards for the active apps are displayed. Then repeat steps 2 and 3. After you close the Outlook app from the app cards, wait a few seconds. Then go to the iOS App Library and launch the Outlook app. 6. Install the pending version update for Outlook

Go to the App Store and install any available build updates you see for Outlook. This will eliminate bugs in the app that may be preventing the dark theme from working in the app.

Launch the App Store. Tap the Apple ID profile avatar. Go through the apps waiting to be updated. When you see Outlook is listed, tap the Refresh button next to it.

Outlook will be updated within a few seconds. Then launch the app and check whether the dark mode is working now or not.

7. Fix location settings on iOS

Enable location services for the Outlook app in iOS settings. This is useful if your iPhone is set to change themes automatically. If you/your iPhone are in another location and location services have been turned off, dark mode may not set.

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Go to Settings > Privacy & security. Tap Location Services. Next to Location Services, turn on the switch.
Then scroll down to Outlook and tap on it. Under Allow location access, set While using the app [or set Always]. Diploma

Dark mode makes it easier on the eyes to reduce the strain of prolonged phone use at night. Microsoft Outlook is mainly used for managing emails and is frequently accessed by users. It’s good to use it in dark mode. If dark mode isn’t working in Microsoft Outlook on your iPhone, follow these troubleshooting tips to fix the problem right away.