How to get an app back on the home screen of iPhone and iPad

Accidentally lost or deleted an app on your iPhone or iPad home screen? Do not worry! You can use various techniques to restore the app and add it to your device’s home screen. Here you’ll find various options to help you find the missing app, whether it’s deleted, moved to a folder, hidden on a separate screen, or compromised by certain settings. So let’s start.

Solution 1: Look for the app in the folders

Have you checked your app folders? Yes, those seemingly innocuous little folders on your phone’s home screen could be the hiding place for your missing app!

You see, it’s pretty easy to accidentally move an app to a folder while swiping your home screen. So take a moment to search. Tap each folder and look for the missing app.

And here’s a bonus tip: folders can have multiple screens! So don’t forget to swipe left or right within a folder to see all the apps inside.

Once you find the app, long press the app icon and drag the app from the folder back to your home screen.

Solution 2: Add the app from App Library

The missing app must be in the library if you can’t find it in the home screen folders. The App Library is a separate screen that contains all your installed apps neatly organized for easy access. To restore a lost app, do the following:

Swipe left several times until you reach the last page of your home screen. This will take you to the App Library where all your apps are stored. On an iPad, tap the App Library icon at the far right of the Dock.

Tap the search bar at the top and type the name of the missing app. Once the app is found, long press on it and choose the option “Add to Home”. If that option isn’t available, keep pressing and dragging the app back to the home screen. Solution 3: Unhide a page

You may have accidentally hidden a home screen page on iPhone and iPad, which would also hide the apps on that page. But no worry; You can easily unhide the home page. To show a hidden page again, follow these steps:

Touch and hold an empty area on your iPhone/iPad home screen until the icons start to shake. At the bottom of the screen, tap the page dots that represent your home screen pages. Tap the selection box under the page you want to unhide and bring back to your home screen. A single tap will bring the page back to your home screen along with all the apps on that page.

Solution 4: Disable Content Restrictions

If you still cannot find the app icon in the app drawer or on the home screen of your iPhone/iPad, it is likely that content restrictions are enabled for that particular app. When these restrictions are enabled, the app icon will be hidden, making it disappear from the home screen. To restore app visibility, do the following:

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad. From the Settings menu, tap Screen Time. Now tap on “Content and Privacy Restrictions”. This is where you will find your hidden apps. Tap on the “Allowed Apps” option. Look for the app that is missing from your home screen. Once you find it, make sure the switch next to it is disabled. When the toggle is on, the app will be hidden from your home screen.

Solution 5: Unlink your home screen from Focus Profiles

If all your home screen apps disappeared from your iPhone/iPad, chances are your home screens have been linked to certain Focus profiles. This feature allows you to customize the pages of your home screen and decide which ones to show or hide when you activate a specific Focus profile. To prevent your home screen apps from disappearing, do the following:

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad. From the Settings menu, tap Focus. Tap a Focus profile. In the CUSTOMIZE SCREENS section, tap Edit. Select the home screen page that you want to remove from the Focus profile. Deselect the checkbox for this page. Tap Done. Repeat these steps for all existing Focus profiles, making sure each profile is not associated with home screen changes.

After following these steps, your home screen will remain the same no matter which Focus profile you activate.

Solution 6: Reset your home screen layout

If you can’t find and add the missing app, you may need to reset the home screen layout on your iPhone/iPad. Resetting your home screen layout will reset all default apps to their original location and remove any custom folders you’ve created. So be sure to keep that in mind. Here are the steps to reset your home screen layout:

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad. From the Settings menu, tap General. Look for the Transfer or Reset option and tap on it. From the Transfer or Reset menu, choose Reset. Finally, tap on the “Reset Home Screen Layout” option. Solution 7: Reinstall the app and add it back to the home screen

If all the above methods don’t work, the ultimate solution is to reinstall the app and add it back to your home screen. Follow these steps to reinstall the app and get it back on your home screen:

Begin by uninstalling the app from your device. Find the app icon in the app library and press and hold it until you see a delete option. Tap to remove the app from your device. After uninstalling the app, visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Enter the name of the app you want to reinstall in the search bar. From the search results, tap the app. Then tap “Get” to install the app on your device. Wait patiently while the app downloads and installs on your device. After the app has been successfully reinstalled, it’s time to add it back to your home screen. Find the app in your device’s app library and drag and drop it onto your home screen. last words

You can access your iPhone/iPad apps quickly and easily from the home screen. However, glitches or software bugs can occasionally cause the app to disappear from the home screen. We hope this guide helped you get the app back on your home screen. Be sure to try each solution. If nothing works, contact Apple Support. If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comments section below.