How to loop a video on an iPhone

Every once in a while, a video pops up online that makes you want to keep repeating it. However, it quickly becomes tedious to have to manually restart it over and over again. What you need is a way for the video to auto-repeat and play without your interaction. Here’s how to repeat a video on an iPhone.

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To repeat a video on an iPhone, place the video in its own album in the Photos app. Stay in the album, open the options menu and select slideshow. Choose the slideshow options and change the theme to origami, turn off the music and set the video to repeat. The video will now repeat until you close it.


Here’s how to play a video on a loop on your iPhone

Apple iphone 14 plus camera app

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With the newer versions of iOS, Apple has slightly shifted the locations of the settings you need to repeat a video on iPhone.

  • Place the video you want to repeat in its own album in the Photos app. To do this, select the video, tap the Share menu and select it Add to album.
  • Create a new album and place the video there. The album name is irrelevant.
Add video to new album iphone

It’s important that you make the new album; Otherwise iPhone will play ALL your videos in a loop one after the other. Putting a video in its own album isolates it from the rest and ensures only one plays and auto-repeat.

Stay in Album and tap the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.

Video in the new album iphone
start slideshow iphone

The video will now play. Tap the screen once and tap options button appears below. Tap on it.

iPhone slideshow options
  • change that theme to origami.
  • Music plays over your video in the slideshow. To turn off the music and hear the original video audio, toggle music to none.
  • Turn those on To repeat Possibility.
  • Beat Finished top right to save your options.
iphone slideshow options repeat theme music

The video will now play and repeat until you close it.

How to create a looping video on an iPhone with Live Photos

You can also create a looping “video” using a Live Photo in your Photos app. Since a Live Photo consists of a few seconds of movement on either side of the image, this movement can be repeated to create the illusion of video.

Start taking your photo (make sure the Live Photo option activated). Alternatively, if you want to use an older photo, you can go to Live Photos category one albums to search for the image.

iPhone Media enters Live Photos

put the little one down live Menu on the top left and you will see a Ribbon Possibility. Select that and your photo will start looping.

Loop for iPhone Live Photos