How to play Mighty Doom with a controller on your phone

Modified 18 May 2023 at 12:06 GMT

Mighty Doom is a 2D top down shooter game developed by Alpha Dog Games. Bethesda Softworks released it worldwide on March 21, 2023 as part of the Doom franchise. The single-player title features rogue-lite gameplay mechanics, starring Mini Slayer as the main character. In addition, the title includes 13 Legendary Weapons including Plasma Rifle, Chain Pistol, Super Shotgun and more.

Mighty Doom features special gear for upgrading and crafting legendary gear. You can battle legendary Doom bosses including Baron of the Hell, Hell Priest and more. The title features simple touch controls, and Mini Slayer will automatically fire the weapon while standing or moving.

The game now supports primary controllers such as Dualshock4 Wireless, Xbox Wireless, and Joy-Con. This article provides all the essential details on how to play Mighty Doom with a controller on mobile.

Mighty Doom now supports controllers on mobile devices

The Doom series began with the first Doom game released in 1993. While the title features simple touch controls, some players prefer to press the physical button to shoot down hordes of demons. The developers posted a tweet via the title’s official Twitter account confirming controller support on mobile devices.

You can use a controller with bluetooth function, connect it to mobile phones and do the glory kill. The game supports Dualshock4 Wireless, Xbox Wireless, and Joy-Con controllers.

Controller players rejoice!
You can now play Mighty DOOM using the Bluetooth controller of your choice.
Instructions here:

Here are the steps to connect the controller to your mobile devices via Bluetooth.

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Turn on your controller. Press the PS and SHARE buttons on the pair buttons on the PS or Xbox controller, or the small buttons between the SL and SR in the Joy-Con controller. Activate the Bluetooth function in the settings of your mobile phone. The name of your specific controller will be displayed Open the Bluetooth menu in the “Available devices” section. Pair your device with the controller by clicking on its name.

This will connect your phone to the controller. Open Mighty Doom game and enjoy. You can pair both the right and left Joy-Con with your mobile devices.

This new controller support feature makes the gaming experience easier and better. You can customize the controls and assign different actions to each button. For example, while using the joystick to move, you can press another button to fire the ultimate weapon.

In addition, you can perform all in-game activities with just one hand by using the buttons on one side of the controller. The image below is an example of an Xbox controller demonstrating button configuration for one-handed play.

Xbox controller button configuration for one-handed gameplay. (Image via Bethesda)

You control the Slayer or Mini Slayer and fight against hordes of demons in different game phases. He can equip up to three weapons and has numerous options such as: B. Ballista, Unmakyr, Rocket Launcher and more.

You can also choose abilities after defeating a wave of enemies in each stage and before starting a new one. Each skill provides specific benefits, such as: B. increasing max health, attack speed, increasing damage, and deploying various weapon skills. However, the effect of the ability only lasts for one level.

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This free mobile game has nine chapters and over 15 epic bosses including Baron of Hell, Hell Priest, Hell Razer, Zombie and more. Each chapter consists of 40 levels and every 10th level you will encounter bosses. Each boss has unique abilities and an attack pattern. Mighty Doom also features various events that reward various items upon completion.