How to put emojis in photos from iPhone

Edit your photos with a funny touch thanks to emojis

Editing pictures without disguise for a long time It’s an accepted habit and in some cases even necessary when sharing. The editions support many types of graphic elements and of course emojis are one of them. Therefore, we also use the symbols that often accompanied our texts in the past to hide or emphasize something specific in an image.

Fortunately, there are many ways to put emojis in photos from our iPhone and get the most out of everything they allow us to express.

Liven up your photos with emojis

When inserting emojis in the photos, in addition to the third-party app options, we can take advantage of various features that are available on the iPhone. Choosing the right one depends on the type of outcome we have in mind and where we want to share it.

Add emojis to photos with the markup tool

The options of the iOS photo application allow you to place any emoji on the pictures in a very simple way, including the next pack available from iOS 16.4. Using the text tool is perfect for this.

Launch the Apple Photos app on iPhone. Open the image where you want to add an emoji. Tap the Edit button at the top and select the pencil icon (highlighted). Select the (+) icon and then select Text from the menu. Click on the word text that appears in the image. Double tap to edit the text. Now change emoji keyboard and add favorite emoji. If the emoji keyboard is not available, add it first from iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. Tap Add new keyboard and select Emoji. If you tap the aA icon below, you can use the slider to resize the emoji. Be sure to enlarge the text box with the blue dots if half of the emoji appears to be cut off. Press Done and the picture with the emoji will be saved. Add emojis to photos from Instagram

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The popular social network is usually one of the platforms best suited for sharing images with emojis. It also has user-friendly options to do this without leaving the app.

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone. Create a new gradient and select the image you want to add an emoji to. Tap the label icon at the top. Press the search bar and enter the words that describe the emoji. Touch it to add it to the picture. Resize the emoji by dragging it in or out, or drag it to a new position. Click the three dots icon at the top of the story and choose “Keep” to download the image with emoji to your iPhone. Press “Your Story” to share on Instagram. Place emojis on photos from WhatsApp

Of course, being the world’s most popular messaging service and one of the apps where we use emojis the most, it’s also possible to add emojis directly to an image without going here. All thanks to WhatsApp photo editor.

Opens WhatsApp on your iPhone. Go to the chat where you want to send the photo with an emoji. Tap the camera icon and select a photo. Press the emoji icon at the top and select the Emoji tab. Choose the one you want to add to your image. The emoji will appear on your photo and you can move and place it where you want. Touch the Send button to share the image in a WhatsApp chat.

When you think of adding emojis to a photo, the result is likely to be a fun image that speaks for itself. The good news is that you can also improve the result with other emoji tricks available on iPhone that you probably don’t know about.

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