How to redeem Steam keys and codes on Android

Activate your games and gift cards on the go

Have you been in a situation where you lost your physical copy of a Steam gift card or literally can’t find access to your product code after forgetting it? Procrastination can be a punishment, but sometimes we’re just unlucky. Why wait to redeem when we can use our trusty Android phone to get everything instantly on your Steam account? Below we have put together a guide to illustrate the process of adding your Steam gift cards (wallet codes) and Steam keys to your Steam account on your mobile.


Download and install the Steam app

To log into your Steam account on the Android app, you may need to get past your Steam Guard. Steam Guard is an extra layer of security (two-factor authentication) tied to your account; Every time you try to log in on an unknown device, you will be asked to enter a code to access your Steam account.

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  2. Type “Steam” in the search bar or access the widget below.
  3. After downloading and installing the app, tap Open to start the app.

Redeem Steam codes and keys on mobile

How to redeem Steam Wallet codes on the Steam app

  1. Launch the Steam app and log into your Steam account.
  2. Navigate to the menu on the left and select Store > Account Details.

  3. Tap on Add funds to your Steam wallet > Steam wallet code.
  4. Enter your wallet code, then tap Continue Submit. As long as you enter a valid code, it will be credited directly to your Steam wallet.

How to Redeem Steam Wallet Codes in Beta Steam App

Valve recently rolled out a revamped version of the Android app, and you may already have early access to the beta. We’ve added steps to redeem Steam wallet codes with the beta version.

  1. Navigate to the Play Store Valve software page.
  2. Tap on become a tester to join the open beta for the new Steam app. Keep in mind that this is a trial version of the upcoming app, which means you may experience stability issues. You can tap Quit program, uninstall the current (beta) version, and then reinstall the public version using our widget above.

  3. Once you become a tester, you will receive an update for the current Steam mobile app; otherwise, download the app from the Google Play Store.
  4. After your app has received an update, open the beta version by restarting Steam. note: If your update doesn’t go through, you can always get the update via APK Mirror.
  5. Tap at the top of the app wallet > Redeem a Steam gift card or wallet code.
  6. Enter your wallet code in the field and tap Continue Submit; The amount will be automatically credited to your balance.

How to redeem Steam keys on mobile devices

Unfortunately, the current Steam mobile app and the Steam Beta version do not allow you to redeem your keys directly. However, there is still a way around this by redeeming your keys via your mobile web browser, which we’ve detailed below.

  1. Launch your web browser and visit the Steam key registration page (and log into your account if necessary).
  2. Enter the key in the Product Code box (check the TOS box as well) and tap Continue Submit. Now your product key is activated and available for download in your Steam library.

Redeem your codes on the go

Having a mobile device comes in handy; You don’t always have to access the desktop app to redeem your keys and codes. You can access your account anywhere as long as you can log into your Steam account. That’s the beauty of having the same app available on different platforms (you can even get Steam on Chromebook). With a revamped Steam app heading to Android, the user experience only gets better and more flexible.