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It seems like every website requires users to create a unique username and password in order to access content and services. Those who choose to follow recommended security protocols (ie, not use the same username and password for everything) often find it difficult or impossible to remember all of their secure credentials. We all know that keeping an unprotected written or electronic record of your account information undermines its security. So how can users keep their passwords safe without constantly losing them?

For Apple customers, the solution to this dilemma lies in the built-in iCloud keychain and AutoFill features that are built into most Apple products. These features can store usernames and passwords from any website, store them in one central location, fill in the login fields for you when you return to the site, and share logins between all your Apple devices.

With Safari

First, the AutoFill feature needs to be enabled on your Apple product. Go to Settings (the gear icon) > Safari > AutoFill. Toggle the switch and enter the required information to enable autofill for credit cards and personal information.

Next, enable autofill for passwords and logins by going to Settings > Passwords > Password Options > AutoFill and toggling the switch. Autofill is now enabled for all browsers you want to authorize. You can see which browsers and applications you’ve authorized by checking the list under the AutoFill toggle.

You can now save passwords and use AutoFill in Safari. Open a Safari browser, navigate to a website and enter your username and password. When you press the login button, your device will automatically prompt you to save this password. You can choose between:

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Save password: Your login will be saved and automatically filled in the next time you visit the website. Never for this website: Your login will not be saved and the device will not prompt you to visit this website again. Not now: Your sign-in will not be saved, but the device will prompt you again the next time you sign in.

Using iCloud Keychain

If you turn on iCloud Keychain, you can share your credentials across your various Apple products. You no longer need to save a login on each device individually, which can help you never search for your handwritten notes again.

To turn on iCloud Keychain, go to Settings > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Passwords & Keychain. Toggle the switch to sync your phone with your other devices so you can start using Keychain.

Manage saved passwords

After the credentials are saved, they can be managed in the Passwords section of the Settings menu.

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Using strong suggested passwords

For certain websites, your iPhone may automatically suggest a strong password that you can use. You can either select “Use strong password” or “Choose your own password” when prompted.