How to scan a document with iPhone or iPad using the Notes app

In case you forgot, Apple introduced the scanning feature in the Notes app on the iPhone in 2017. Six years later, this feature has been embraced by many iPhone and iPad users alike. Maybe you’ve never used it before and now need to scan a document but don’t have access to a dedicated scanner. Well, it’s time to put the good old Notes app to good use on your iPhone. Read along to find out how to scan a document with your iPhone or iPad.

How to scan a document with notes on your iPhone or iPad

Thanks to the introduction of this feature in the Notes app, scanning a document with your iPhone or iPad has never been easier. When you are ready to scan a document, follow the steps outlined below.

Time needed: 1 minute.

To scan a document using Notes app, here’s what you need to do.

Open the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad. Create a new note (or tap an existing one). Tap the camera button at the bottom of the screen (or above the keyboard).

Tap Scan Documents.

Align the document to be scanned in the camera view. Tap the shutter button if the app doesn’t automatically scan the document. Tap Save.

The scanned document is saved as a new note. From here you can add markup and sign before sharing with someone else. I’ll get to that later. But in the meantime, let’s move on to the next important point about scanning documents and saving them as PDF.

How to save a scanned document as a PDF

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Now that you’ve learned how to scan documents with your iPhone or iPad, your next question is how to save them as a PDF. The steps are as simple as scanning a document.

Tap the scanned document. Tap the Share button in the top right corner. Tap the app or location where you want to share or save your PDF file.

just right? Now what if you want to share a scanned document with someone else? The steps to do this are also simple.

How to share scanned documents on iPhone and iPad Tap on the scanned document. Tap the Share button in the top right corner.
Tap the person or app you want to share the document with. Share your scanned document in PDF format. How to add markup and add a signature

As mentioned, once you’ve scanned a document with your iPhone or iPad, you can use the Notes app’s markup tools to edit that document. With these tools, you can highlight part of the document, add handwritten notes, cut and move sections, and add various elements such as text boxes, shapes, and arrows.

Tap the scanned document. Tap Mark.
Tap the “+” icon. Tap Add Signature. Draw your signature.
Tap Done.

Scanning documents with iPhone or iPad isn’t the only thing you can do with the Notes app on your device. It’s a useful and powerful tool that deserves proper recognition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get as much of a spotlight as Apple’s other built-in apps.

A useful feature of the Notes app is the scan tool, which could pretty much save you from buying a commercial scanner. Or if you’re always on the go and need a portable scanner from time to time, the Notes app could fill that need.

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