How to Send iPhone Messages with Bubble & Screen Effects: Make your iMessages pop!

If you want your iPhone messages to stand out, try sending them with screen effects. Here’s how…

One of the most popular features of the iPhone is the Messages app. Apple Messages, or iMessage as it’s sometimes called, is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. People love those blue bubbles.

In recent versions of the iPhone operating system – including iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16 – Apple has added new features to the Messages app. Features like the ability to delete sent messages, edit sent messages, and add reactions to messages.

But there are also additional underused features of Messages that can make messaging more fun. These features are bubble effects and screen effects.

Pin What are bubble effects for iPhone messages?

The first group of effects built into Messages are bubble effects. Bubble effects are effects—that is, animations—that affect the chat bubble (aka chat bubble or word balloon) itself—that is, the blue text message you send.

Bubble effects work on text messages, emoji, and image attachments — whatever fits in a blue iMessage text word bubble. Bubble effects come in four varieties:

Slam: This effect drops your message onto the text message thread. It’s an eye-catching animation that gives your message a tone of authority or hilarity (depending on what the message says, of course). Loud: This bubble effect temporarily enlarges and jiggles the text message before shrinking back to normal size. As the name suggests, this animation represents you shouting the message. Soft: This bubble effect temporarily enlarges the chat bubble, but the text inside is small. Eventually the text grows to normal size. This animation represents a whisper. Invisible Ink: This bubble effect is perhaps the coolest. When you send a text message or photo with this effect, the text or photo will be blurred. The recipient must swipe their finger over the blurred content to reveal it.

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As of iOS 16, these are the only four bubble effects so far.

What are iPhone Messages Screen Effects?

The next set of effects built into Messages are screen effects. While bubble effects only affect the appearance and animation of a single chat bubble, screen effects affect the entire screen displaying the messages in the chat thread.

Screen effects only last a few seconds. There are several types of screen effects:

Echo: This causes the last sext sent to replicate itself across the entire screen. Spotlight: This effect causes a spotlight effect to appear in the text message. Balloons: This effect shows balloons floating behind the text messages on the screen. It is a great effect when sending birthday wishes. Confetti: This effect sends confetti across the screen. It is good for texts congratulating someone. Love: This effect shows a heart-shaped helium balloon inflating on the screen and floating away. Laser: This effect makes it appear as if multicolored lasers are projecting from a. Point behind the text bubble. Fireworks: This effect causes fireworks to appear on the screen. Celebration: This effect rains golden sparks across the screen.

As of iOs 16, the above screen effects are currently all app offerings.

How to Send an iPhone Message Bubble Effect

Sending an iPhone message bubble effect is easy:

In the Messages app, compose your message in the text field. Instead of tapping the blue send button, tap and hold it now. The Effect screen appears. Make sure the Bubble tab is active by tapping on it. Now tap the dot next to any of the four bubble effects to preview it. Tap the Submit button next to the selected bubble effect you want to use.

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Here’s how to send bubble effects in messages on iPhone!

How to send iPhone message screen effect

Sending an iPhone message screen effect is easy:

In the Messages app, compose your message in the text field. Instead of tapping the blue send button, tap and hold it now. The Effect screen appears. Make sure the Screen tab is active by tapping on it. Now swipe right to swipe through the different screen effects and preview them. On the selected screen effect you want to use, tap the Send button.

Here’s how to send screen effects in messages on iPhone!

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