How to share links to your ChatGPT chats

Previously, sharing ChatGPT conversations was cumbersome as the only way was to take screenshots or copy and paste chats and conversations.

OpenAI has announced a new ChatGPT feature called “Shared Links” that allows you to easily share your conversations and chats across social media, email, and other media. You can also continue a conversation if you receive a shared link.

The feature is available to all users of the free and paid versions of ChatGPT. However, it is currently limited to the ChatGPT website but will soon be available for the iOS app as well. So how to share your ChatGPT chat links?

How to share links to your ChatGPT chats

The ChatGPT Shared Links allows users to share their conversations with the AI-powered chatbot through a unique link. To share links to your ChatGPT chats:

Login to your ChatGPT account. Click on “New Chat” and start a conversation. On the left side of your ChatGPT dashboard, hover over the chat you want to share and click the share icon. Here you can preview the conversation snapshot before it’s sent. You can edit the conversation title by clicking the pencil next to the generated title. You can also share the chat with your name by clicking on the three dots and then “share name”, or you can share the chat anonymously. Click copy link and viola! You can now share the chat link with friends, colleagues or co-workers.

The URL for shared links usually looks like this:

Anyone with access to your shared link and a ChatGPT account can continue the conversation and ask more questions. For those without an account, the conversation appears as a static web page, but they can still see conversations between you and the AI ​​chatbot.

Conversations that continue after the link is shared won’t automatically update to the public link. So if you want to share updated content, you need to share the link again.

How to delete your shared links and make them inaccessible

In addition to sending the link anonymously, you can also delete shared links if you no longer want others to open them. To delete your shared links:

Click your name at the bottom left of the page, then click Settings in the menu. Go to Data Controls and click Manage. Here you can see a list of your shared links. You can delete individual shared links by clicking the trash can icon, or all shared links at once by clicking the ellipsis (…).

You have now made the link inaccessible to others. Because the shared link is public and conversations can continue, deleting it may not affect people accessing the link if they continued the conversation from their own ChatGPT account.

Easily share your ChatGPT conversations

By introducing Shared Links, OpenAI has simplified sharing and collaborating on ChatGPT conversations. If you are unable to access this feature, note that OpenAI is still providing it to all users and it will be made available to everyone in the web release.

The feature was rolled out initially to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who get early access to new features. But does that mean the subscription is worth it?