How to share WiFi password on Android devices

Sharing Wi-Fi password with friends or family can be tedious at times. Because you may not always remember your password. Not only that, there may be times when you can share internet access but not the password. Fortunately, both Android and iOS operating systems provide simple and easy ways for users to share their Wi-Fi network credentials (password) without having to enter them manually. This means you can share the password without actually having to type it into the machine/device of the person you need to share it with. Here’s our ready-to-use guide with steps and key points to remember.

The important things first

This feature is available on all devices running Android 8 or higher version of Google operating system. So, if you have a device running Android 8 or higher version of the operating system, you can use this feature to share passwords.

First, make sure your device is connected to the WiFi network you want to share the password with.



Open the Settings app on your Android device.


Tap on “Network & Internet”.


Select the WiFi network you want to share the password with.


Tap on the “Share” button which should be at the bottom of the screen.


You may be asked to authenticate yourself using your device’s security measures, e.g. B. with a password, fingerprint or face recognition.


Once authentication is complete, a QR code will appear on your screen. You can allow the person you want to share the WiFi password with to scan this QR code with their device’s camera app.

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To do this, he/she needs to open the camera app on his/her device. Now switch to photo mode.


Center the QR code and hold it in the frame for a few seconds. A pop-up window will appear asking you to connect to the Wi-Fi network.


On the pop-up window, tap “Join Network” to join the network.


Another option is that you can tap the share button to see the password in plain text, which you can then manually share with the person.

Note that the ability to share WiFi passwords via QR codes may not be available on all Android devices or on all versions of the Android operating system. Make sure your device supports this feature.



The steps above allow you to share your Wi-Fi network with others without actually sharing your password. This is a secure feature and also protects your privacy.