How to share your location on Google Maps

When traveling anywhere, whether by car, foot, or other mode of transportation, it helps to keep track of your route. Google Maps is a great way to do that with detailed, turn-by-turn directions and even immersive 3D geroutes in some countries and cities. When you meet someone, it’s also handy to be able to share your location with that person so they can find you or get your estimated time of arrival. For parents, a shared location where they know where their children are can bring tremendous reassurance and help build trust. And it’s very simple.

How to share your location on Google Maps

1. First, make sure the person you want to share your location with is in your Google contacts. If not, add them.

2. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app and sign in (if you’re not already signed in by default).

3. Tap your profile photo or the picture icon if you haven’t uploaded one yet.

4. Select location sharing.

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4. Select Share location.

5. Choose how long you want to share your location.

6. You may first need to give Google Maps access to your contact list if you haven’t already.

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7. Tap the profile photo or name of the person you want to share your location with. If they aren’t in the displayed list of frequent contacts, choose “More” and select them. (Note: everyone who uses Maps displays a small Maps icon in their profile photo, making it easy to share.)

8. Choose Submit.

9. Select “While using this app” or “Just this time” in the pop-up asking if you want to allow Maps to access the device’s location (which is required for this feature to work). You can also choose Precise or Approximate.

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10. Note that if your location permission settings don’t already include persistent location access for maps, you’ll be prompted to go to settings and change this.

11. Alternatively, you can also share your location with someone who doesn’t have a Google account by following steps 2 to 5 and tapping “Copy to clipboard” to capture the location sharing link.

12. Paste the link into an email, text message, or instant message and the person can click it and follow your route.

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13. To stop sharing at any time, even before the set duration ends, select the name of the person you’re sharing your location with at the bottom of the screen.

14. Tap Stop.

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15. You can also share your travel progress. Set your destination and start navigating.

16. Tap on the bottom menu where your estimated travel time is displayed.

17. Select “Share trip progress”, select the profile of the person you want to share this with and tap “Share”.

18. Once you reach your destination, your location information will no longer be shared.

(Image credit: Christine Persaud / Android Central)What else you should know about location sharing in Google Maps

Once you understand the basics of Google Maps, you can start exploring and take advantage of features like location sharing. Remember, you only want to share your location with trusted friends, family, and co-workers. When you share your location with someone, they get access to your name and photo, your device’s current location even when you’re not using the app, your device’s battery level (even when it’s charging), and your arrival and departure times departure time .

Don’t worry if the person doesn’t use Google Maps. You will receive a link to your location information via email or message, depending on the contact method you have chosen. However, you will need to download and/or open Google Maps to view the details.

Location Sharing may not work in some countries or regions. If you have a Family Link account and are under the required age, you may also be blocked from sharing your location.

There are other ways to use location sharing, including finding someone’s location, requesting someone’s location, and even rejecting or blocking a location request from an unauthorized person.

Working with Google Maps, one of the best road trip apps, is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page on ETAs for an event or meeting. Parents can also use the feature to follow their children when they are traveling alone to and from school, such as to a friend’s house or an event.

Motorcyclists, cyclists, and hikers can even use the feature to keep in touch with the group (if they have an active WiFi or cellular connection), so everyone knows where everyone else is if someone strays off the path. There are so many ways to use location sharing on Google Maps.