How to stop spam calls on android

Spam calls are perhaps the most despised thing in this advanced world and nobody likes such calls ever. Whatever the case, we as a whole really don’t have to face such calls less than once a day. Today, these calls have a different name, namely robocalls, since a large portion of spam calls are made through programmed robocalling frameworks. These calls are damn irritating and everyone needs to get rid of spam calls. After all, we all think about how to prevent spam attacks on our devices.

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As per general evidence, there were more Android phone clients than iOS clients that were regularly subjected to spam calls. If you are also an android gadget client and facing irritating spam calls, read this article till the end at this point. Here we will discuss how to prevent spam attack on Android gadgets. But before that, let’s first examine a short prologue on spam calls and their types.

What is a spam call? Types of spam calls

Spam calls are a type of redundant calls and messages that go to many phone numbers. Some spam calls are for presentation and many other similar things. Anyhow, they are very irritating for the people who are not interested in this spam call vibe.
There are three types of spam calls in total and they are as follows:
Sales calls from organizations that sell items.
Robocalls are pre-record deal calls.
Trick calls originating from fake people try to take advantage of you by deceiving you in order to move your money.

How to Block Spam Approaches for Your Android Gadget

There are several ways with the help of which you have the ability to block spam attack on your Android device and the absolute best and best ways out of them are as follows:
Prevention of spam calls with applications.
Physically prevent spam calls.
Prevent spam calls by allowing calls from saved contacts.
Block spam calls by signing up for DND.
Allow us to examine the means you would like to follow to perform each of the techniques recorded above one by one, from which you can choose the most appropriate one.

Block calls with applications: Truecaller

The first and one of the most used methods by which a large number of people protect themselves from spam calls by blocking calls from applications and portable organization transport administrations.
Probably the best applications to prevent spam calls are listed below:
Call for a boycott
Some mobile organization specialists offer their own applications that will undoubtedly help you prevent spam calls. If this is not the case with these applications, you also have to download them from the Google Play Store, set them up and exchange them with your mobile number and that’s all you have to do.

Physically prevent spam calls

To use additional applications to prevent spam calls, you should physically prevent spam calls. Here are the remedies you want to follow:
In the first step, you would have to open the dialer of your Android gadget and enter the number from which you received the spam call.
In the following menu you have the choice to add to boycott, click on it.
From this point on, they will ask for confirmation and you have to click, ok.

Preventing spam calls by allowing calls from saved contacts, so to speak

This is a technique that might work if you have put your Android gadget in don’t upset mode. Here are the means you really should follow to prevent spam calls by allowing calls from saved contacts:
Open the settings menu of your Android gadget.
In the “Settings” menu you need to find the “Don’t piss off” settings. When you find it, click on it.
You really want to turn on no-fuss mode. Immediately after turning it on, click All Contacts in the Allow Calls segment.
With these settings, you will only receive calls from saved contacts.

Preventing spam calls by signing up for DND

You can register your number on these versatile, explicit DND (Do Not Disturb) registration pages for admins, which will help you to see an extraordinary change in receiving spam calls. In addition, using this website is generally very easy. You want to visit this website and enter your mobile number by selecting the area and that’s all there is to it.
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