How to unlock and use Hank, the new epic brawler

Hank, the new epic brawler in Brawl Stars is now available. The tank-riding Shrimp Lover is a high-HP, variable-damage brawler. As an epic brawler, it costs 925 credits (or 694 if you got the 25% discount on your next epic brawler). He is the 17th Epic Brawler in the roster and the 68th Brawler overall. Let’s take a closer look at his stats, attacks, gadgets, and star powers.

Brawl Stars: Hank Overview

Hank’s main attack, Balloon Blast, allows him to continuously charge an inflatable water balloon that keeps growing. The longer Hank holds the attack, the larger (and deadlier) the balloon will become, damaging all enemies around it. Its ammo bar shows how much more you can inflate your balloon. When the ammo bar is empty and the balloon is fully inflated, it will remain at its maximum size for 6 seconds, or if the player lets go. Its attack can penetrate walls.

The attack radius ranges from 3.33 to 4.67 tiles and Hank reloads in 0.25 seconds. Hank gains a 48% supercharge rate per hit (3 hits to charge). The size of the balloon doesn’t affect Hank’s supercharge rate.

Hank’s Super, Fish Torpedo, launches six torpedoes in an attack pattern similar to Spike’s (no curvature). In addition, a torpedo’s damage is increased when on top of an enemy or a heist safe. Although each torpedo doesn’t deal much damage individually, unless you’re Frank, it’s impossible to survive at close range. At power level 11, the Fish Torpedo deals 10,500 damage if all torpedoes land safely on the enemy or in a heist.

The range of the Super is 20 tiles and each torpedo that hits an enemy charges their next Super by 20%. The Super has a dispersion of 360 degrees and a projectile speed of 4000.

Here’s Hank’s HP and damage per level:

LEVELHEALTHDDAMAGE (Minimum/Maximum)Super Damage (Per Torpedo)16000(500/2000)100026300(525/2100)105036600(550/2200)110046900(575/2300)115057200(600/2400)120067 5 00(625/2500)125077800 ( 650/2600)130088100(675/2700)135098400(700/2800)1400108700(725/2900)1450119000(750/3000)1500 Gadgets and Star Powers

Hank starts with two Gadgets and Star Powers. His gadgets are:

Water Balloons – “The next balloon explosion also slows enemies for 3 seconds.” Barricade – “Hank takes 40% less damage for 3 seconds.”

Hank’s Star Powers:

It’s Gonna Blow – “When Balloon Blast is above 80% charged, Hank gains 20% bonus movement speed.” Hank’s base movement speed is 720 (Normal), but increases to 870 with this Star Power. Take Cover! – Hank takes 20% less damage when he’s near a wall.” What game modes should I use Hank In?

Here are some Brawl Stars game modes that we think Hank can excel in.


Hank thrives on heist maps with a decent amount of walls covering him. While he takes time to perform his main attack, his Super can deal unprecedented damage to the safe. If all brawlers in the match are power level 10, the heist safe is 56,000. Hypothetically, if a power level 11 Hank reached the safe with no problem, he would obliterate him with just 6 shots of his Super. However, the problem will be to charge his Super while staying alive.

Brawl Ball

Since Hank is resilient, he can take a lot of damage if he tries to put the ball in the goal. Additionally, in Brawl Ball, the goal is usually covered by a wall for the defense to make a last stand. Because Hank’s attack can penetrate walls, he can actually wipe out the enemies camped on the goalpost’s defenses. Because he can charge his opponent super fast, he’s quite often able to make super fast passes or power shots.

hot zone

Hank’s maximum attack range is roughly the size of the Hot Zone, meaning he can deal significant damage while taking over the zone. However, on a map with very few walls, he might have a hard time reaching the Hot Zone or using his Take Cover star power.

Which game modes should I NOT use Hank?

Here are some Brawl Stars game modes where Hank really didn’t shine for us.


Unless you’re playing on Snake Praire or a map with lots of walls, Hank can’t really do much in Bounty. He joins a long list of other melee fighters who may find it difficult to reach their opponent unscathed. Even if he is strong enough, it will be difficult to get his attack to max damage while staying alive. It takes 3 seconds to fully charge his balloon.


Since Hank takes so long to launch his attack, 1v1 situations can be difficult for him. Like Bounty, certain Knockout cards just don’t provide enough cover for melee fighters. Even if you can stay alive until the poison gas comes your way, Hank still needs time to complete his attack, which can lead to life-threatening situations.


Even on a map with walls and bushes, Hank’s attack lasts too long to be useful here. Considering he’s the enemy’s only target, it shouldn’t be long before he’s mopping the floor with our tank enthusiast. When using a melee fighter in duels, use one that can either jump around or reach its target quickly.

Best Gadget, Star Power and Gear Setup

Since Hank is already very healthy, we recommend his WaterBalloons gadget. He’s not as fast as Shelly and can’t pull enemies like Frank or Buster to him. However, if you slow down the enemy for 3 seconds, they should have time to chase their enemies.

Hank’s Star Power both seem useful, but we prefer his It’s Gonna Blow Star Power. Since not every map is littered with walls, Hank can increase his movement speed regardless of the map layout. This will make you move faster and the enemies will not dare to approach your attacking attack. It should be useful for Gem Grab in case you need to dive for a pile of gems.

Hank currently has no mythical gear. In the meantime, we recommend the damage gear to give you extra firepower. For his second gear, we recommend the speed gear to increase his movement in maps with bushes. If needed, you can also give him shield gear for extra protection.

Overall, Hank is an interesting racket. It’s hard to tell how good he is until players get a higher trophy count with him. We hope our recommendations will help you find the best uses for it.

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