How to Use Google Maps to Track Someone

It’s the last seven days of the year and many of us should have started preparing for New Year’s Eve and celebrating with loved ones before then. Still, it’s generally wise to travel and refresh your loved ones so they know where you are in case you’re unlikely to be behind schedule or for safety reasons.

How to Use Google Maps to Track Someone: Step-by-Step Guide |  Technology News – India TV

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Just to remind you, our phones accompany an item called Google Guides, which accompanies a really handy component that can help customers be aware of their sweetheart’s whereabouts.

How does information about guides actually work?

Google Guides uses space trackers so you can follow the progress of favorites once the space has been shared. It’s certainly a convenient mode for finding out where someone is.

At any point, could we follow someone without their consent?

In the event that we follow someone without their consent, it is a security vulnerability. In any case, everyone can be followed in various genuine ways with their consent in order to stay aware of the security measures and follow them as well.
For example, suppose you’re trying to follow a companion all the time, and assuming that person has shared the location with you on informational platforms like WhatsApp or SMS, then Google Guides will allow customers to follow you at that point.

Step-by-step instructions to follow someone using Google Guides:

Here are some basic ways to follow your companions using Google Guides on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads:
Add your favorite Gmail niceties to your Google account and save them to Google Contacts.
Now open Google Guides and tap on your profile picture
Now choose Area Sharing
Now tap on the Offer Section button
Customers have the choice to select the timeframe for sharing the space and the period of time they hope to share.
You can select and tick different contact names based on your decision.
Once it’s ready, you can tap on the “Offer” button on your Apple gadget.
The people who are selected from the Google contacts will receive an alert to track their own whereabouts.
Moves towards the Google Guide shared area on Android gadgets
Find out about guides and click on your profile picture
Now tap Instant Share
Now click on the Quote Section button
You may need to authorize guides to access your contacts
Now choose the timeframe for sharing the territory and select everyone you want to share your subtleties with.
Moves towards sharing your space via Google Guides on a PC
Sharing your area on the PC is conceivable through the link with the mobile phone. Customers can share the live area with a mobile phone.
Customers can also share someone else’s space from the Google Guides workspace
Customers have the freedom to share the space via the workspace as well