How women can overcome barriers in HR tech by mastering digital HR and people analytics

Bias is a term we often use in the technology space in relation to artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. It is a noun that translates into a preconceived notion or an opinion/fact leaning strongly towards a particular entity.

Tech professionals in this field work hard to eliminate bias in systems, which is quite ironic, because while we hire the most capable people to do it on computers, we conveniently reject the prevailing biases in our workplaces.

We involuntarily introduce a workforce bias towards representation where the tech industry is male-dominated. Without getting into the numbers of women professionals in tech (done and dusted), let’s acknowledge the fact that there is an inequality in women’s representation and that it is vital to work to resolve it.

if Application Interview Recruitment is the standard process in the employment system for men, women have to go through a few more steps and prove their suitability for a job. This is also being abolished in many companies through discussions and education, but has not completely disappeared from the spectrum.

To make it less stressful for women looking to enter/return to HR tech, here are some ways they can overcome barriers through upskilling in digital HR and people analytics.

A strong certification

Career comebacks are often associated with women and while a woman is extremely talented and ideal for a professional profile, after a hiatus they are forced to start from scratch. This break, stemming from various reasons, becomes a barrier in their career growth. To overcome this, a strong certification that complements and strengthens your portfolio and past experience is inevitable.

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The 3 Month Online Certificate Program in People Analytics & Digital HR is one such program which, upon successful completion, will award you with a certificate from IIM Indore. By getting certified from one of the best institutes in India, you will be put on the radar of recruiters without having to prove your expertise again.

Familiarize yourself with relevant tools

HR analysis is about understanding and visualizing existing data. From fighting turnover to reducing overhead, data can do wonders. However, only for those who can speak their language.

For this reason, it is extremely important to gain hands-on “do & learn” experience with relevant advanced HR analytics tools to break down barriers in career progression and assessments. By working on relevant tools, case studies and real datasets during the program, you will be ready for a professional profile from day one (no more mansplaining). This also gives women more opportunities and visibility to step into technical roles and responsibilities.

Exposure to AI and automation

AI is a buzzword for a reason. The potential it offers to complete tasks is incredible and depends heavily on the skills of the master encapsulating an AI module. With the right program, you’ll get the best exposure and experience learning AI and automation tools that will help you gain more clarity about your career path and become competent and future-proof.

Final Thoughts

Change starts from within. I understand this is a cliché, but this statement has stood the test of time for a reason. By overcoming tangible and intangible barriers in your HR Tech career path through a solid program, you will be given a new responsibility – to change things that stood in your way.

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With new skills and competencies, you’ll become part of the bigger picture with the power and time to solve complicated issues like gender pay gap, diversity, inclusivity and more. The certificate program in People Analytics & Digital HR sounds like an upskilling program at first, but in the long run it is an empowerment program, not just for you, but for people like you and those around you.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)