Huawei launches smart home power for Africa

Huawei has launched intelligent solutions for all energy needs of the African housing market. Three photovoltaic solutions were presented at the Solar Power Africa Conference 2023 in Cape Town last week, namely Power-M, LUNA and a high-end luxury solution.

“The three housing solutions will help users meet daily challenges such as load shedding, which are widespread across the region,” said Xia Hesheng, president of Huawei Digital Power’s sub-Saharan Africa region. “Meanwhile, the residential real estate market faces some challenges such as user experiences, manufacturer mixing, quality, service, efficiency and aesthetics.

“Huawei focuses on ‘4T’ technologies – Watt/Heat/Battery/Bit. This will drive residential PV scenarios with high-quality products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but products that provide high-quality, system-level solutions that integrate digitalization and intelligence into the PV industry.

“In its 25 years of operations in sub-Saharan Africa, Huawei has built a deep understanding of the region’s energy and technology needs. We deliver smart photovoltaic (PV) solutions for all scenarios in the African housing market and are committed to bringing clean energy to every home.”

Nick Lusson, VP of Sub-Saharan Africa region of Huawei Smart PV, gave an overview of the features and benefits of the three housing solutions at the launch:

Power-M is a high-quality power supply system for multi-scenario applications, flexible for use in apartments, houses or large villas.

“Huawei, as always, has demonstrated its aesthetic design prowess by offering consumers a sleek design power system with the ultimate in aesthetics,” said Lusson. “Thanks to the all-in-one and modular design, the inverter and battery are perfectly integrated, consumers can flexibly choose the number of battery modules to expand the capacity from 5 kWh to a maximum of 45 kWh at any time. The Power-M supports seamless switching between multiple energy inputs such as solar, grid and generator.

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“In order to provide a better home using experience, Power-M adopts a fanless design with sleep noise, the operating noise level is less than 29dBm. The unique plug-and-play design allows for easy and quick installation in about two hours.

LUNA is a smart energy system that integrates smart power generation, smart power storage, and smart power consumption.

“With Huawei’s smart panel controller, the homeowner can maximize rooftop installation capacity, resulting in between 10% and 30% more panels being installed. The intelligent module controller can also greatly increase solar power generation by improving efficiency by 5-30%.

To ensure the safety of installers and roof use, the module-level shutdown function provides safer roof voltage. The intelligent battery storage ESS can provide 10% more usable energy with the built-in optimizer in each battery module.

“The LUNA AI system can accurately predict photovoltaic power generation and household power consumption under different climate scenarios based on big data insights into weather and power consumption habits. FusionSolar APP allows consumers to remotely monitor and manage LUNA anywhere, anytime.

“In addition, Huawei offers high-end solutions to large villa owners. Thanks to the one-stop solution and premium service, the end users can enjoy an ultimate user experience for a fully integrated luxury power generation villa.”