Hudgell Solicitors hailed for ‘huge dedication to clients, ‘outstanding’ lawyers and innovative and forward thinking in 2023 Legal 500 Guide

The world’s leading legal directory has praised Hull-based Hudgell Solicitors for delivering “professional service with a human heart” in its latest publication – highlighting how attorneys from all departments develop a “real connection with clients”.

The Legal 500 Guide commended Hudgells as an “innovative and forward-thinking firm” that has “put considerable thought into providing the best possible service to its clients”.

Chief Executive Neil Hudgell is named a “leading figure” in recognition of his continued representation on civil liberties cases of national importance, including helping nearly 70 former postmaster assistants clear their names in connection with the Post Office Horizon scandal.

He is described as “maintaining client trust and confidence in a way seldom seen” and leading an “extraordinary” civil liberties team, who is featured in the guide for the first time due to cases such as representing families in Manchester Public Inquiry Arena Bombing and representing the families of four young men murdered by serial killer Stephen Port during an investigation.

Civil Liberties Director Vicky Richardson is also hailed as “a star in the field of civil liberties” and called a “recommended attorney”, while Public Inquiries Manager Terry Wilcox called a “key attorney” and an “outstanding attorney”. is described as ‘excellent with customers’.

Personal injury and clinical negligence teams achieve ‘successful results’

Long-serving departments at Hudgells have continued to earn recognition in the guide, with joint clinical negligence department heads Chris Moore and Vince Shore being commended for their “outstanding leadership” and “significant caseload of high value, maximum severity.”

The guide says the team is “dedicated to its clients and has great experience in achieving successful outcomes across the full spectrum of clinical negligence claims”.

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Helena Wood, described as a “key person” and “a rising star” in the industry, is described as “she has all the key traits of a great plaintiffs attorney: she is deeply committed to her clients, she is personable and patient with them, she works hard, and… she is realistic about her cases.”

The personal injury department, which has risen to its highest rank ever, is described as focused on “providing quality rehabilitation support to clients.”

Chief Executive Rachel Di Clemente, who leads the company in supporting more than 130 injured survivors of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, and associate and catastrophic injury specialist Samuel McFadyen, who has excelled in providing complete rehabilitation support packages for clients, in addition to securing many six and seven-digit value compensations, are also “recommended lawyers of the grade”.

Finally, the Hudgells Travel Litigation department, which supports the seriously injured abroad, is again ranked by the Guide and described as “recognized for excellent standards of customer care, evidenced by their rehabilitation support, including medical treatment”.

Solicitor Paul McClorry, Head of Travel Litigation, is again referred to as a “leading individual” and described as having “a great deal of experience”, focusing on complex cross-jurisdictional cases. The Guide says that “with his personable and approachable manner, steadfastness and confidence, Paul’s knowledge and conversation with both the plaintiff and the defendant is outstanding.”

Attorney Tracy Stansfield and Litigation Executive Stacey Cave are also named by the Guide in recognition of their contribution to establishing the department as a “rising player in the travel industry that is beginning to make a name for itself with a growing portfolio of cases.”

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“No better feedback than customers who feel understood, safe and trustworthy”

Chief Executive Rachel Di Clemente says the highlight is Hudgell’s “customer-centric” approach, which is heavily emphasized in the guide.

She said: “We are very proud to be a law firm that is fully focused on doing what is best for our clients, fighting against injustice and giving a voice to the vulnerable. To see this reflected in fully unbiased comments from customers and industry experts is immensely rewarding and something everyone in the company can be very proud of.

“It is of course very gratifying to see our lawyers being recognized for their legal expertise and knowledge, but I can’t think of better feedback than that from our clients; Knowing that whichever department at Hudgells they turn to, they will be heard, understood, supported and fully relied on by our team.

“It’s an excellent endorsement of our work and one of which Neil and I are very proud.”